"I Lost My Husband’s Life Just Like A Water Bubble." - Pallavi Panda Mishra

9 July 2015 5:59 AM GMT
I Lost My Husband’s Life Just Like A Water Bubble. - Pallavi Panda Mishra


“We say that doctors are angels sent by god to save human life. But for me the same doctors has come as the demon in my life to ruin it in pieces.

Due to few doctors negligence I lost my husband’s life just like a water bubble. Few days back we were a happy family with ambition and future plans for our upcoming life.

But who knew life threatening danger was waiting on our way to shatter my family.

My Husband Girish had a heart blockage which we never knew until the last day of his life just because the doctor could not find it.


On 13th June after lunch he was playing with our 6 months old baby and suddenly he started vomiting then complained of stretching of throat and jaw muscle, breathing problem little pain in the heart. As we stay in BTM, Bengaluru, so I took him to a renowned hospital that is nearest to our place. The attendant doctor checked him and asked us to do an ECG and blood test.

Both were done immediately. Then they admitted him and gave saline and few medicines. The main doctor of the hospital Dr. K.N.P came for rounds and checked him and said this is nothing but dehydration and throat infection he will be alright soon.

I have no idea that whether he had checked the ECG report or not. That night we stayed in the hospital. Till then Girish was telling he was not feeling comfortable as his arms are paining and he is not able to breathe properly. I asked the attendant doctor about the ECG and blood report.

He said everything seems “Normal”. He gave him a pain killer and sleeping tablets and said you will be alright just try to sleep.

The next day morning 10 AM Dr. K.N.P again visited and checked Girish and asked how he is feeling. Girish told he is little better as he took the pain killer medicines.

Dr said today they will discharge him and to take the rest at home for 2 to 3 days he will feel better. They gave some antibiotics and pain killer tablets and discharged him.

14th June 2 pm we came home. After we came home daily Girish was getting fever and complaining of breathing problem. Again 17th June evening I took him to the same hospital to check why his fever is not coming down. For our surprise, Dr. K.N.P refused to check him as we didn’t have an appointment.

I requested them that its urgent as my husband was admitted here only. They said we can check with other doctors if we want. So we checked with a general physician there and showed the previous reports. Still they could not find what the problem with Girish is and asked us to do a blood test. The test was done in an hour and showed some infection.

Till that time, the doctor was gone and other general doctor came (attendant doctor on 13th June night) saw the blood report and told its nothing but throat infection and wrote high power antibiotics and sleeping tablets. I gave him those medicines after dinner but that night Girish could not sleep for a second also.

Next day morning i.e 18th June I took him to a private clinic in Indira Nagar with the help of my brother. There the doctor was shocked to see the ECG report taken on 13th June and asked us why nobody has not seen this ECG report before. It was clearly mentioned there that Girish got his first attack that day.

We were dumb stuck with his words. Dr. immediately referred us to go to Chinmaya Mission hospital and get admitted. In CMH, the doctors told it’s too much delayed but still we will try our best and did angioplasty same day.

After 2 hours of operation, Girish was fine but suddenly his condition got worst. Doctor called us and told chances of his survival is 1% only god can help him. At 11 pm night, Girish left this world leaving us alone. The heart blockage was 100% so blood flow to few area was totally blocked and the cells were died off in that area.

As a result after clearance of the blockage also the cells could not accept the blood and his heart ruptured. If the doctors would have noticed the ECG report the same day of attack Girish would have survived.

Sorry for such a long post but I don’t want anyone else suffer like me so wanted all of you to know about it. Whenever any of your near and dear ones complain of breathing problem, jaw and throat muscle stretch, arms getting pain then immediately check with cardiology specialist without any delay. Because it’s a sign of heart attack.

I am going to put a case on the hospital for such a negligence act. But meantime I want everybody to spread this message as much as possible so that no one else should suffer like me in future.

Many people already asked if he had any BAD HABITS.. want to clarify right away.. NO, he didn’t have ANY bad habits.”

– Pallavi Panda Mishra

The Logical Indian appeals to our members:
‘If you start developing symptoms suggestive of a heart attack, please approach the nearest emergency department. Remember the classic symptoms include discomfort/ heaviness in the chest, which can radiate towards both shoulders, arms, neck, jawline or back, shortness of breath, sweating and dizziness. In some cases, less specific signs like sweating and vomiting may be the only features. While it is usually seen in older men, younger men and women also have some risk of getting an attack and require caution. ‘

Disclaimer: Following is an account of a lady who lost her husband tragically soon. We haven’t been able to reach the concerned authorities for comment and intend to convey the following message for your benefit. The Logical Indian is committed to helping you stay informed and thus post is not intended to blame the medical community as a whole. We request you to keep the discussion respectful.

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