My Story: How An Accident Changed My Life Forever; I Never Thought This Could Happen To Me

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October 21st, 2016 / 6:59 PM

“They say  when life gives you lemons make a lemonade out of it. I just prefer to make a fully adult Mojito for myself and relish it for the rest of my life. All of us around the globe undergo life to change events, in the form of tragedies, accidents, accomplishments, matrimony and the list goes on and so does life. Yes, life has to move on, in fact, one has to keep up with the pace of life and make the most of it with every day that passes by. It is the most beautiful gift that one can ever be blessed with an under no circumstances one should overrule the will of God, for us to live and make a difference for our life and lives of the others around us.

Everyone around the globe, yes, “everyone” and mark my word for it and no one is spared, has to go through that one (or may be multiple ) occasion which would overturn their life and help them evolve as a much stronger, independent and a better human soul.

I experienced a similar life changing event (and I won’t call it a tragedy at all, unlike most of the people around me consider it to be). Back in the year of 2003, I met with an accident and yes it has changed my life, lives of the ones around me, my approach towards life and everything life could be for me. I was in school back then, 17 waiting to turn 18, with big dreams of pursuing a bright career, make a lot of money, get married, have babies, be a strong support to the family, all of them, just like any other girl would have at that age. And one fine winter evening, I wanted to fly some kites, enjoy some cold breeze and observe those colourful paper pieces making their way through the wind and go soaring in the sky. I was completely unaware of what destiny had in store for me that evening and it took me by surprise when I tripped and fell from around 23 feet height, straight down, crashing on the floor beneath, lying unconscious, no one being aware of where I am and what happened to me. It was my sister in law who found that I am missing and went hunting for me and finally found out that I am lying on the ground lifeless. I was rushed to the hospital where the doctor diagnosed that I have broken my spine and my spinal cord is damaged badly and I require surgeries and treatments to heal. Friends, family, relatives, acquaintances, everyone swamped the hospital, everyone wanted to check on me, someone was bringing flowers, someone got chocolate, cakes, pastries and everything that I like.

I still wasn’t aware of what is happening, I was unable to move my legs and the strength in my hands was deteriorating, I wasn’t able to sit, I was being held, lifted and shifted on hospital beds, I was being fed food, and it seemed it was just a matter of time, a few days, a few treatments, and my Limbs would be back in function and I will be out and back to my life of chasing all my dreams.

However, that did not happen, post all the treatment and rehabilitation I underwent, I was not able to move my lower limbs and my upper limbs were not as powerful as they used to be. My therapists taught me how to be independent, how to sit up on my own, how to balance myself, how to eat without spilling, how to wear clothes without any help, how do use the restroom, how to shift from the bed, and how to operate a “WHEELCHAIR”. Yes, Life Changed , now my 2 feet were converted into a 4 wheeled sitting compartment called a wheelchair.

Now, did this shatter me, torn me apart, made me lose hope in life and in God? Well, THE ANSWER IS NO. Despite, I was confined to a wheelchair I didn’t lose the spirit to make every moment count in my life.

It has been more than 13 years now to my accident and I am still counting. Every day of my life has been beautiful and a learning experience. I have evolved from being totally dependent on someone to even fetch me a glass of water to a Strong and independent woman who wishes to keep pace with life. The journey wasn’t easy however my determination never left my side. Today, I stand strong and I have everything I wished for on my own and still working to fulfill my desires.

As the child to my beautiful parents, I support them with everything they need to make their lives simpler. As for a corporate woman, I deliver on all my official responsibilities and never let my being specially-abled to interfere with my work life. As a human and as myself, I try to return back to the society by helping people in need, and involve myself with everything that brings joy to my life, like travelling and being a globetrotter, road tripping to my favourite destinations, swinging and dancing with friends, spending time creating and appreciating art, brooding about my dreams and working towards making them come true.

Life hasn’t halted for me, I look forward to making every day special and more fulfilling. I “Aspire to Inspire”. I wish the world to realise that if God closes one door he opens up much more and one should never give up on his will to make his life beautiful. And just a minor change in one’s appearance and capabilities doesn’t leave him or her incapable of chasing the big dream they had in life. Keep up the spirits.”

Submitted By: Somya Dawar

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