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The Great Indian Litterbug

The Logical Indian

February 4th, 2015

► Caution: Litterbugs kindly do not watch this video, you may feel offended!

India – an emerging global superpower or a a giant garbage dump? All hail the Litterbug, working tirelessly out in the open, spreading trash all over.

The Litterbug’s adventures are many, none more prominent than the habit of throwing empty food wrappers and paper plates and cups after a quick meal on the go – the Litterbug, always on the move.

The Litterbug loves colors, err, one color to be precise. With his unique red colored spit, the Litterbug effortlessly adds color to the empty walls and streets. You can trust the Litterbug to ‘paint the own red’!

And in case you think you have learned all about his exploits, there is more! The Litterman smokes, in style, and makes sure everyone knows about it too. Throwing cigarette butts on the ground is his way of making a style statement. But what do you laymen know?

Make no mistake, the Litterbug is a cleanliness freak, and makes sure his own home and car is absolutely clean. So what if his trash spoils the town. That’s not the Litterbug’s problem!

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