My Story: If You Are Strong And Capable Then No Cancer Can Stop You

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May 22nd, 2017 / 10:36 AM

“It was January 2007, when my left underarm felt numb as if there was no sense in it. A little lump kind of thing had appeared near my left breast and I thought as if something was wrong so I immediately showed it to my husband but he said there is nothing and it looks fine. I wasn’t satisfied so I showed it to other females in my family and they also said the same that there isn’t anything. I still wasn’t satisfied so me and my husband visited a Gynecologist and after checking me the doctor said that I was perfectly fine and there isn’t anything to worry about, but the doctor said that still for your satisfaction you can go for a mammogram.

The doctor was so confident about me so I never went ahead for the mammogram and at the same time I had also forgot about it and this is how two months passed away, but one fine day I came across that mammogram recommendation by that doctor and I just thought to clear the doubt by going for a mammogram. We went for the mammogram and the result was somewhat positive but to get a detailed report I was advised to go for a biopsy. Without wasting any further time, we went ahead for the biopsy and after one week the reports were going to come.

After a week, we went to the doctor, where I was tightly holding my husband’s hand and doctor said that Kanan you have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and at the very moment I smiled at my husband and without thinking any further I just asked, ‘So what’s next?’ Doctor said that I have two choices in front of me, either I will have to remove both my breasts or just remove the infected part of that particular breast; but if I go with the latter option then I will have to undergo severe chemotherapy as well as radiation sessions and I wasn’t ready for the radiation sessions so me and my husband Jay went with decision of removing both the breasts and later will go for the new breast implants. Until now I hadn’t told about this to anybody except Jay but now I had also informed it to my parents, brother and sister in law.

The very next day we met Breast Cancer specialist and also plastic surgeon and fixed our operation dates. It was June 10, 2007 which was a big day for me where I was going to be operated. The operation went for more than 5 hours and both my breasts were removed. Right after the operation I was shifted to the room and believe me I felt so fresh and young. I was happy even though both of my breasts were removed. I even celebrated my husband’s birthday in the hospital itself with family, friends, and hospital staff members. A month after being discharged my chemotherapy and injection sessions started and the first four chemo sessions were going to be very mild while the next four were going to be very heavy. During this chemotherapy session, I would read lot of books, hang out with friends, play cards and was living a simple life like any other normal person.

I was always told by people that chemotherapy is very painful and it has lot of side effects while on my part I literally enjoyed all my chemotherapy sessions and would help other patients at the chemotherapy sessions too. Initially doctors had advised me not to visit places where there are lot of people but I ignored that advise and would meet my friends and family at my home and one day I got fever but I ignored that too by taking medicines. After a few days, I was going to hospital to visit my doctor and suddenly I became unconscious and had high fever, so I was hospitalized. The reports said that my hemoglobin was at all time low and for which blood had to be infused in my body. Throughout this whole journey, I had never felt low or had never cried but this particular moment made me cry.

I was very much against infusion of someone else’s blood in my body. I requested my doctor to just give me one more day and requested him to stop the blood infusion and that whole night I prayed to God for some miracle; you won’t believe but the very next day my hemoglobin increased and the doctor was surprised too. Soon I was discharged and now heavy chemotherapy sessions started and I saw a patch of my hair in hands so I decided to shave of my head and believe me I never felt so beautiful. Gradually I completed all the chemotherapy sessions and later I went for another operation which was for new breast implants and it went for 3 hours.

Finally I was declared Cancer Free and also got new curly hair which I had always wished for, and soon I got back to my life. While reading the story you might find my story very smooth with very less complications but that was only possible due to the best doctors, my husband, my family and friends and the most importantly God. I consider this as the best and the most wonderful journey of my life and today when I look back I laugh and say that ‘Thank You’.

Any Message?

The way we keep our body strong by eating heathy and hygienic food in the same way we have to keep our mind healthy by reading good books and thinking about positive thoughts. The journey which I narrated above seemed wonderful to me because of my positive attitude towards it. The most important thing in life is how you react to any situation. If you are strong and capable then no cancer can stop you. Stay positive and enjoy each and every moment of life.”

Kanan Pandya

Story By – Pray Bavishi | Humans Of Amdavad

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