My Story: Be Aware, The Loot Racket by Taxi Driver In Mumbai

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December 11th, 2015 / 6:26 PM

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“On 26 Nov morning we were travelling back from Kolkata in Howrah Mail train, since dadar been nearest station from my home. Our family preferred to got off at Dadar Central station. It was 4.50 am in the morning our train reached at Dadar Central Station. Just outside our coach which were AC Coaches  three four sardar’s who were in their early 50’s were standing and asking people if they prefer to travel by kali peeli Taxi. We first denied them later on since our driver couldn’t come up on time we asked them if they would take us to which they easily agreed.  We were escorted outside Dadar station by these sardarji.

As my whole family was travelling we divided our self to fit into two taxis. These sardarji starting discussing with two three driver and informing them ‘tu leke ja’ out of which two agreed to take us and we were asked to settle into our cabs. Our luggage was loaded into taxi and we sat inside the cab, our driver was talking to us and in the mean while one person came and asked for 1000Rs change. I and my younger brother were sure that we didn’t had one so we asked our uncle who was sitting next to me for change. That driver switch on neon lights in his cab for us to search into his pockets for change. After searching for 1-2 minutes we manage to two give him change within fraction of seconds that driver turned towards us and said I had asked for two 500 note and you gave us two 100 note.

Since I was sure that they were 500Rs note I started shouting at him than he said I am saying you gave me two 500 note now give me one more and keep this 200Rs and 300Rs Balance would be adjusted in taxi fare. I found it little fishy hence said I don’t want to give any 500 note now you please drive us. Just after this discussion with our taxi driver got down and I was discussing with my brother that I have read about a racket where taxi driver loot lot of people every day in morning at dadar using similar trick.
Than another person came to us said sir we need to fill up CNG hence u will have to wait, as we were already running late we got off the cab suddenly we realised that my parents were travelling into another taxi till now might have been looted by this gang. We all started calling up my parents and second brother who was with them in other cab. As per the things were turning up these guys hurried us to another cab so that we leave the taxi stand asap.

We got down from another cab after my brother confirmed that he too was asked for changed and gave two 500 note’s but that other person said u gave only two 100Rs note. Than we hurried up to call up police to which a person came up running said he is a local social activist who works for taxi people here and gave us our 800Rs back. No one came near the cab which was allotted to us for 40 mins we couldn’t spot any of the sardars their whole team was missing.

My parents came back in the cab with their driver at Dadar Central, just because he didn’t directly asked for change but insisted the other person standing outside his car they took out their luggage and shouted at him that you too are part of this gang. He replied saying that ‘Aap usse panga maat lena woh muslim hai’, But to be frank we are not scared of anyone but ‘GOD’ and that is what my parents replied to him.
Suddenly we were discussing the issue that driver too ran somewhere and left his car. That social activist with his whole team gave back my parents too 800Rs which they were cheated off. A traffic hawaldar did came up to look into the issue and wrote a police report on normal paper which I am sure till now must have reached some waste bin. Than we took pre-paid cabs from dadar station.

On enquiring our drivers there I was shocked to know that social activist and all the people around him too were part of gang.  This is a gang of almost 50people who are looting approx 200-300 passengers daily travelling from outstation train. Which comes up to 1.5-2.4 lakhs everyday without even doing anything and that too under nose of police which I m sure must be receiving their hafta regularly without which it is not possible to run such a huge racket from years.

I want this article to reach every nook and corner so that this whole racket it shut and some action is taken against these people.”

Submitted By – Sweta Sharma

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