My Story: A Man With A Great Character Who Made A Big Difference In My Life

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November 13th, 2015 / 1:17 AM

After three days of a much needed holiday I headed back to work directly from the bus station. I got down from the Bombay-Pune Shivneri at the Wakad Bridge. I ended up taking his auto as he quoted the least tariff to my destination amongst all other rickshaw-wallahs whom I approached. I got off the rick and walked towards my workplace with the luggage only to find my HTC One X missing.

I immediately called on my phone but there was no answer. I took my colleagues two wheeler and went back to the place where the bus had dropped me to check if it had fallen while alighting from the bus.

No luck, Asked the autowallahs there if they knew this one auto guy. They were not very helpful as I had refused to take their auto earlier. Checked every rickshaw stand on the way but to no avail. Even tracked the Shivneri but couldn’t find my phone. Kept calling the entire day and it kept ringing. For the first time I wished my phone was not on silent mode.

After a day full of anxiety and hope I realized, I had lost my phone. It had so many memories attached to it. My husband had gifted it to me on my first birthday after our wedding. It was not available at that time but he had arranged for it somehow. How could he say no to his beloved wife’s wish on this special day? It had all my photos, notes, cases done by me (I am a dentist), bank details etc. All my social networking accounts were logged in. Not to mention the bomb my husband had paid for it. All this without a phone lock code. I cursed myself for being lazy to have a simple lock pattern.

I pacified myself by saying that it was two years old. Also it was acting weird for the past three days. It would become unresponsive and act as if it had a mind of its own. So may be its time was over.

Next morning was all planned. First go to the police station and lodge an FIR. Next block the old sim card and get a new one. Visit the HTC service centre and find out if they could help me track my phone. (yes, the internet on my phone was not working because of the problem with my phone).

First thing I did the next day was call on my number. Again no answer, Just as we (my husband and I) were to step out of the house as planned, my husband’s phone rang. It was my mom calling to inform that the rickshaw wallah called on my dad’s no. and was still on the line. We sighed in relief and rerouted to my husband’s office.

Mr. Rajendra Narayan More had come all the way from Satavwadi, Hadapsar to Narayan Peth to return my phone. He assured us that he would return the phone and that we need not worry as we kept calling him in the interim period. “Tumhala jithe pahije tithe mi phone aanun dein” comforted the kind man. He handed over the phone to us in front of the other auto drivers in the vicinity to be safe. Fair enough. And he did not expect anything in return. He had actually noticed my phone at the extreme back of his auto in the morning and so was my one day ordeal. He had never used a touch screen phone. So he couldn’t answer as we kept calling. He had taken help to make that call to my dad. And my phone is working absolutely fine since I found it and all its problems have miraculously resolved.

It is a simple story of a simple man with a great character who made a big difference in my life and reinstated my belief in the good that surrounds us and made me a little less cynical.

Submitted By – Prachi Shah

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