UP: Father & Son Sit On Satyagraha For A Stranger Who Died Due To Officials’ Apathy

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October 6th, 2017


Courtesy: Dainik Jagran | Image Credit: Dainik Jagran

On 3 October, Jagnarayan Singh, an elderly resident of Viram Khand 3/7, Uttar Pradesh, came under the tracks of a train and got severely injured, reported Dainik Bhaskar. Both his legs were cut, and he was in need of immediate medical assistance.

However, even though people gathered around Singh to take a look at the mishap, none of the bystanders considered it their responsibility to help this injured man.

Nitin Paliwal, a jawan in the Indian Army, who was out on his morning walk, spotted the man and decided to help him. He called the police and the ambulance several times but in vain.

He then called his son, Animesh Paliwal who drove their vehicle to the spot of the accident. The father-son duo helped Singh to get inside their car and was on their way to the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital.

In his Facebook post, Animesh Paliwal had written that Jagnarayan Singh was alive at that point of time and if they had received adequate medical help, they could have saved the life of the injured.

Today morning, one person got severely injured on the railway lines & both his legs got cut but nobody was helping him….

Posted by Animesh Paliwal on Monday, October 2, 2017

While on their way to the hospital, they met with the police and the ambulance. The police and ambulance had arrived almost 45 minutes after multiple calls were made at the helplines.

Animesh’s facebook post mentions that the ambulance did not have adequate medical facilities like that of stretchers, proper doctors etc.

Paliwal pointed out to the authorities about their delay in arriving at the site of the accident. The officials wasted 10-15 minutes as they argued with Paliwal and his son. They also enquired about their address and made a note of the car’s number.  Animesh claimed that the police had even attempted a physical assault at them.

The police reportedly misbehaved with Paliwal and his son, asking them why they would help a stranger on the road. The locals were annoyed at the way these good samaritans were being treated for being helpful – they gathered around the police officers and compelled them to leave the site.

Amidst all this hullaballoo, when Paliwal reached the hospital, the doctors declared the accident victim dead.

Protesting against the misdemeanour of the police officials, the local people have sat on a dharna at the Manoj Pandey crossroads. This protest is being spearheaded by Nitin Paliwal and his son Animesh. They have demanded proper investigation into the matter.

CO Gomti Nagar, Dipak Kumar reportedly reached the site and expressed his anger at such behaviour from the police.

The Logical Indian contacted Bibhuti Khand police station. The SO, Satyendra Kumar said, “Yes, the incident did take place, but there has been no tiff between the police and that of the Paliwals who had intended to help the injured man. This is all misreporting.”

The victim was old, and the family did not want any police case, so postmortem was not carried out, and the body was handed over to the family,” he added.

Animesh’s post ended with a sense of hopelessness where he expressed his anger and grief at the fact that an innocent life was lost just because of the lackadaisical attitude of the concerned authorities.Had the authorities responded at the right time, Jagnarayan Singh could have been saved, he wrote.

The incident is also a stark reminder of the fact that we do not consider it to be our responsibility to walk that extra mile and help those in need – we prefer ourselves as onlookers.

The Logical Indian community appreciates the human spirit that Nitin Paliwal and his son showed and went out of their way to help a stranger. The world is in dire need of such people. Alongside, we also urge the concerned authorities to look into the matter, investigate about the misdemeanour of the officials, takethe necessary action and prevent such unforeseen events.  

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