While Caring For Their Own Special Kids, This Couple Helps Other Parents With Special Children

Sayantani Nath Andhra Pradesh

November 2nd, 2018 / 2:15 PM

Madhu Babu and his wife D. Varija were happily settled in the middle east with two beautiful children, son Sreesh and little daughter Varshini. When Varshini turned one, she suddenly contracted a serious fever. At the hospital, the doctor revealed that she might be intellectually disabled too, and advised them to relocate to India so that they can take better care of her. Varija gave up her ambitious career in interior designing and moved back to India, followed by Madhu. For months, they ran from one hospital to another; almost every single day they met one new doctor, leaving no stone unturned to offer her the best treatment. Meanwhile, the ground shattered beneath their feet, when one doctor broke the news that their three-year-old son, Sreesh, has been diagnosed with Mucopolysaccharide (MPS) – a rare genetic disorder that doesn’t allow a lifespan more than 10 years.

sreesh mandiram
Madhu and Varija with their children

“I cried profusely that day,” shares Madhu with The Logical Indian, while narrating how this turnaround in their lives prepared them to be standalone crusaders in caring for children with disabilities, and extend a helping hand to other parents in the same situation.

In 2010, the couple set up Parent’s Association for Children with Special Needs (PAC) in Tirupati, which runs the Sreesh Mandiram School for special children and guides the parents with hope, empathy and support.

They cater to differently-abled persons of all ages

Upon returning to India, Madhu approached the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams(TTD), famous for their charitable initiatives, to set up a centre for children with disabilities. However, their repeated appeals fell to deaf ears and prompted the couple to launch their own centre to facilitate parents and children alike. Started with 18 parents once, today the number of families at PAC stands at around 70.

sreesh mandiram
A special education class at the school

The striking feature about Sreesh Mandiram School is that they assure to take care of all special people irrespective of their age. “Most other NGOs or special schools would decline to keep children beyond 15 or 16. Little do they realise the plight of the parents who are supposed to look after them lifelong. So at Sreesh Mandiram School, we welcome everyone. We have admittees from 2 years to 38 years,” Madhu shares proudly, adding that two of their members with Down’s Syndrome have been offered employment at a local firm. 

“Special children cannot survive on their own in this world full of struggles. Without our constant care and supervision, they will succumb to low immunity and inability to express discomfort or sickness. And for us ‘special parents’, it is the commitment of a lifetime,” expresses Madhu. 

sreesh mandiram
Different activities are encouraged among the special children

The school has changed lives for the kids as well as the parents

38-year-old Dinesh is one of the students at Sreesh Mandiram School, who finds it very difficult to respond or move on his own. When his father, a renowned doctor, passed away a few years ago, his mother was left helpless until PAC came to her rescue. “Today, she is doing a government job, relieved to leave her son in our care for the daytime,” Madhu shares.

Indifference and apathy from parents made life difficult for 8-year-old Sarika with severe disabilities. Two well-wishers got her admitted to this school and now at thirteen, she is a happy, smiling kid who has learnt to react, speak and even walk.

sreesh mandiram
The school has brought smiles to many ‘special’ mothers

A typical day at Sreesh Mandiram begins with parents from in and around Tirupati dropping their children at the school building. Some parents stay behind while others head for their workplaces assured that their little ones are in good hands. Following physiotherapy and special education classes, the kids are taught to eat their lunch independently. “ISKCON has volunteered to provide lunch for some underprivileged children who are also part of our school,” informs Madhu.

Music therapy, counselling sessions are also encouraged along with their most notable initiative – “Win Five Hearts” – where students from local schools and colleges drop in during special occasions to befriend, interact and celebrate with these special kids. “We are fostering social inclusion of differently-abled children in this way,” he continues, “These children would otherwise be restricted to the four walls of the home. Here a fresh change in the environment and mingling with other kids are making them more responsive, self-reliant and happy.”

sreesh mandiram
A cycle rally for the differently-abled children

They lost their son in 2015

Though PAC has applied for government funding, till now the school is funded entirely by Madhu, his friends and voluntary contributions from the member parents. Madhu has recently left his highly-paying job to devote his attention completely towards PAC. Yet, the financial burden is no challenge for this fighter couple when compared with the other hardships they sailed through.

“A temple that earns more than 3 crore rupees per day didn’t support us in our trying times. Politicians are least interested in us as disabled individuals wouldn’t contribute to the vote bank,” he sighs.

An unfortunate conspiracy led to a theft at PAC a few years ago where all their important documents were stolen, leaving the money or expensive furniture intact. But they didn’t lose heart and rearranged everything from scratch. In yet another untoward incident, Madhu and Varija were forced to shift the school to a new locality. “Our neighbours would say that they were cursed to be residing beside a special school where the kids cry all the time,” Madhu reveals the shocking reality.

sreesh mandiram
Receiving the state award for best parents’ association

At present, they are struggling to get permission for taking the kids to a nearby park, as other parents are unwilling to let their children play in close quarters with the special children. The absence of humaneness in our society lies starkly exposed from their experiences. 

Unfortunately, the couple lost their son Sreesh in 2015 when he was only ten years old. The bereaved parents have turned his burial ground into a beautiful garden to let his memory live on for ages. In fact, Sreesh Mandiram school has been named after him only.

Message for everyone

Madhu considers himself a ‘special’ father, taking pride to share that his daughter has won the state-level running competition and they are preparing her for the younger edition of Special Olympics.

sreesh mandiram
A proud Madhu with his daughter at the State level Running competition

“We keep on urging parents to get rid of their ego and apathy. Rather, they should consider themselves blessed as God has assigned them the resilient task of taking care of a special child,” he insists.

You can reach out to Sreesh Mandiram school at [email protected] or at 9003837053

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Written by : Sayantani Nath

Edited by : Poorbita Bagchi

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