A Corporate Employee From Bengaluru Is Sharing Smiles And Spreading Love Across The Country

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November 17th, 2017 / 11:12 AM

Share A Smile

Image Credits: Sameer Hasan 

Share A Smile, an organisation based out of Bengaluru began its journey as the brainchild of Sameer Hassan. Sameer is a full-time corporate employee by the week, working with a renowned MNC, but by the weekend he is on a mission to share as many smiles possible. Sharing a smile with those who are often neglected by the society and helping them feel loved, is what that has remained to be his motto.

This 32-year-old was always philanthropically inclined. It all began with participating and taking a keen interest in CSR activities often performed by his employers. Soon enough, Sameer realised that in order to touch a larger of number of lives, he had to reach out to those who genuinely needed his help and forge a stronger bond of love with them.

When The Logical Indian spoke to Sameer, he said “All the CSR activities I engaged myself in, I found out one common factor, all of them were working with established NGOs who had the access to proper funding. I founded Share A Smile with the motto of working with people and NGOs who are in a far less established state. My idea is simple, all I want to do is spread more love and let kindness pave the way to a better life for our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Share A Smile
Sameer with a tiny tot

Share A Smile began its journey in 2015. Now, it has spread its wings to reach cities like Hyderabad, Kolkata and Delhi. Read on to know about the lines along which this organisation works in these cities.

Spreading love

We commonly believe that it’s adults who can be HIV+ve. A visit to an orphanage that houses HIV+ve children shattered my notion. I realised it’s not gifts that matter the most to these kids. All they need is some of your time and love to ensure that they are not all alone in the battle of survival,” Sameer said. Sameer and his team of 53 volunteers from Bengaluru work mostly on the weekends. They identify areas which deserve their attention and help solve the crisis at that place.

Their mode of work can be explained through their School Chalo Campaign which was flagged off last year. To materialise this campaign to its fullest potential, Share A Smile team from Bengaluru identified areas where children did not have the ability to afford an education. Sameer paired up with NGOs working in the same sector and provided books, stationery, school bags and uniforms to these 43 children, thereby ensuring that they all could have access to basic education.

Share A Smile
Sharing ice-creams and love

Apart from the successful School Chalo Campaign, Sameer and his dedicated teammates have helped raised Rs 1.75 lakh for the cardiological operation of a six-month-old child from the hinterland of Karnataka. They also successfully rescued a nine-year-old girl who lost her way only to be found at Saharanpur and sent her back to her parents in Chattisgarh through the help of Railway Police and an IAS officer from Nagpur.

Share A Smile
Helping a visually impaired boy

Sameer said, “Apart from these, we provide the needed support to a blind couple in Bengaluru, Manjunath and Shankaramma, in form of grocery supplies which would sustain them month-long. One of their daughters is affected by a severe bone disease and we are trying to get her treated as well.” Share A Smile is also working hard to provide the needed treatment to a six-month-old baby who is in the final stage of cancer. They also help blind candidates in Bengaluru to appear for examination by functioning as a writer.

Volunteering with Share A Smile

Most of our volunteers, like me, are full-time corporate employees. But they devote their weekends to bringing joy and spreading a smile,” Sameer says, his voice ringing with confidence. He adds, “Volunteering helps them to grow as better human beings. Apart from spending money partying and drinking, youngsters are joining hands with us to make the society a better living space.”

He cited the example of Lata, a homemaker who shifted to Bengaluru after her marriage. After volunteering for Share A Smile, there is a visible change in her persona, reflected in terms of her elevated confidence. He spoke about another volunteer who was on the brink of being suicidal. Upon being with the Share A Smile family, she is pumped with vibes of positivity, she is faring extremely well in her career as well and has received a promotion of late.

Share A Smile
Team Share A Smile

Sameer says, “Share A Smile is one large family, well-knit with the bond of love and the mutual goal of making the world a better place to live.” The Kolkata chapter has a team of volunteers who are looking after 107 mentally challenged adults. Volunteers at the Kolkata chapter are trying to ensure that they do not feel lonely in their daily battle. Hyderabad chapter is working with HIV positive patients and street children, whereas, the Delhi team is working with 84 destitute, including acid attack survivors and gang rape victims.

On an ending note Sameer, the founder of Share A Smile said, “I am an Indian citizen and a fairly privileged one. Here, I am just trying my best to keep humanity alive and make my country a better place to live in for everyone. All I am doing is spread love and kindness.” The Logical Indian community wholeheartedly applauds and commends the work done by Sameer Hasan for the betterment of our not so fortunate brothers and sisters of the society. We hope he keeps on inspiring more people, government and organisations across the country to take similar steps.

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Written by : Swarnami Mondal (Intern)

Edited by : Bharat Nayak

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