For The Last 10 Years, This Man From Uttarakhand Helps Provide Treatment To Patients In Emergency

Swarnami Mondal Uttarakhand

September 22nd, 2017 / 2:38 PM

“Serving others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth”

-Muhammad Ali

Meet Vijay Raj, he hails from Uttarakhand and he believes in this ideology with all his heart. Helping others in need is something that he has been doing for the past ten years consistently, with a smile spread wide across his lips.

The tendency to help the ones in need has been there for me since I was a youngster. It makes me feel happy, that I could do something for someone in need.” Vijay has only studied till the eighth standard. When The Logical Indian asked him why didn’t he pursue studies further, he said, “I gave up the money for my school fees, for someone who was in dire need of it. He was a better student than me, he needed the extra push. It pained me to see him stop studying owing to the lack of money.”

Tending to the ones in need

The philanthropic streak in him got the needed boost as he began working in close quarters with the Doon Hospital. He helps patients by taking them to hospitals and tending to their needs. One might ask, why does he do it, does he charge in return? Vijay’s voice resonates with pride as he said, “Till date, I have helped a lot of patients but never have I charged a single penny. People have tried showering their gratitude in form of cash or kind. I have turned them down. I haven’t even had a cup of tea from any of patients as well.”

Vijay feels this is his way of giving back to the society, a renowned face in the Doon hospital, he has been helping patients for the last ten years. Till date, he has helped over 2,000 patients. “There are several who are left at the hospital only to die. I believe, everyone must get a second chance. I am the one who helps them to get the second chance”, Vijay said.  

What does he do?

He takes the patients to the doctor, arranges for their treatment and ensures no one succumbs to fatalities owing to the lack of treatment. He ensures that operations are done for free for the ones who are in need of financial help. “I ensure each patient who needs my help doesn’t have to return empty-handed,” Vijay added.

At this juncture, he narrated the incident of Vijayender from Kotdwar, Uttarakhand. Vijayender is a Hepatitis C patient. Vijay has been taking care of him for the last one-and-half years. From supplying the required units of blood to getting him operated, Vijay has shouldered the entire responsibility with a smile across his lips. “Vijayender and I, have also kind of become friends. We had tried hard to save his leg from being amputated but the disease has begun to get the better of him. I have also arranged a wheelchair for him,” he said.

His endeavours got the much-needed boost when he approached Dr Navin Baluni, an adviser to the chief minister, Uttarakhand, during his inspection at the hospital. He shared his grievances and hindrances which he has to face while helping the poor patients. Dr Baluni immediately issued orders which helped in uplifting the infrastructural situation at the government hospital, thereby making his uphill task slightly easier. Paritosh Sett, another philanthropist and a social media official at the CM office also have been by Vijay Raj’s side, helping him touch the lives more people in need.

Apart from Vijayender, there are several other patients to whom Vijay had been tending for the past ten years. His dedication and hard work have ensured that the underprivileged can get access to proper medical treatment. But at the beginning, things were no cakewalk. It took him years to selfless philanthropic service to the mankind, to reach a stage where he is respected by the patients as well as the management by the Doon Hospital.

Apart from being an angel in disguise for these ailing patients, in his spare time, Vijay teaches poor kids. 

The Logical Indian community salutes Vijay and his selfless yet fervent efforts in ensuring better treatment for the underprivileged. We hope that many more lives are touched by the good work Vijay is carrying out and many more get inspired by him.

If you come across any patient in Dehradoon in need of assistance, you can click here to contact Vijay Raj or reach him at 9634024373

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