‘It’s Actually Sad That I Have To Support The Cause At This Age’, 10th Grader Protesting Against Climate Crisis

Prashasti Awasthi India

September 24th, 2019 / 7:29 PM

Climate Change Crisis

Image Credit: Jhatkaa.org

The tell tales of Bangaloreans reminiscing the good old days when Bangalore was considered to be the perfect spot after retirement is the most common discussion people have over filter coffees and chai. 

The pleasant weather with light showers is happening intermittently as the sun shone brightly upon the people and created rainbows across the horizon that splashed a hundred hues of blues, oranges and red. Well, Not Anymore!

The United Nations, from 20th to 27th September marks the Global Climate Week on Climate Change. Jhatkaa, a Banglore based Non-Governmental Organisation, is holding a protest in Bangalore’s Town Hall that will run throughout the week. The NGO’s Director Divya said, “From wearing sweater throughout the year to witnessing unbearable summers, Bangalore has indeed come afar. It’s visible! It’s in front of us! Cutting thousands of trees for development will definitely lead you to abnormal weather patterns and excessive heat.”

Jhatkaa is backed by hundreds of students dodging schools, playgrounds, and tiffin-times to bring to attention ever-intensifying climate crisis. “It is inspiring and scary for

us to see the determination of children across the world standing up for a cause they so firmly believe. Some have even skipped exams,” added Divya.

After the echoing Recently, climate change activist Greta Thunberg’s bashed world leaders at the UN Council, for comprising the biodiversity to make quick profits. The student echoed Greta and are now focusing on the often thought but mostly ignored issue – ‘The Climate Crisis’.

Delhi is also seething with the same fervour. Children in Delhi skipped schools to participate in the protest as the city’s poor quality air has caused irreversible damage to the lungs of around 2.2 million or 50 per cent of all children living in the capital.

The crowd protested vehemently against the governmental measures in the name of development and managed to drive the attention of the Minister Of State for Urban Affairs, Hardeep Singh Puri. The volunteers also talked him into signing their petition on deteriorating climate condition. 

“The protest happened at Nirmaan Bhavan to talk about how people choose development over progress again and again. It was a protest against our government who remain confused between the two words – Development and Progress when their so-called development is evidently not beneficial to us in the longer run,” said Veer, a 10th class student, who joined the Fridays For Future protest.

While shaming and putting adults to guilt, these young people became the crusader for the whole climate change drive after Greta Thunberg urged the future generation to take charge and secure what is going to be their present.

Another 10th grader, Manya Anandi, spoke to The Logical Indian and raised her concerns over the escalation of the climate crisis. “I have been active on this issue for the past six months. I was also one of the organisers of a protest in Gurgaon that happened a few months ago, and when I heard that a massive protest is happening in Delhi, I decided to join the crowd.”

“The protest was basically asking the government to not develop at the cost of the environment. We are all in for sustainable development, and we do not need development if you are giving it at the opportunity cost of our environment,” said Manya, a 10th grader who participated in the protest. 

Manya further said that the Minister had no clue about the Aarey forest movement when she tried raising her concern over chopping of thousands of trees in Aarey. She also rebuked us – the media, when we acknowledged her efforts as a young climate activist. “It’s sad that I have to support the cause at this age,” said Manya.

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Written by : Prashasti Awasthi

Edited by : Navya Singh

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