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We imagine an India where all the media groups are owned by its people.

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Why India needs more independent medias?

An Independent Media always works in/for the interest of the people. It is free from any investor, corporate or political interference. No one can force an independent media to run or drop a story. With independent media around, the government and the authorities are compelled to be more transparent and accountable to the citizens of the country.

India lags way behind in Media Literacy, a term, many of us are not even familiar with. Today, smartphones have taken over television sets to become the primary source of news, information and misinformation. India, where WhatsApp forwards are consumed and shared as news, and the prevalence of fake and misleading news, it is now critical than ever that more and more independent, responsible and rational media

Why should I bother if the media is being fair or not?

Because, media can manipulate people, it shapes and influences the public opinion.

In our country, majority of the established media groups are owned by big corporations and politicians. They control the channels/
publishers to feature/drop/tweak a news-story in-order to condition the public sentiment for or against any government/govt policy/ accused/politician, etc.

You may be capable enough to distinguish between a propaganda and a news, fake and the fact, you may never fall for rumours, may be you don’t get instigated by a comment or believe on a whatsapp forward, but what about those millions and millions of people out there who do? People who aren’t capable to analyse and see through things?

The media affects almost everything in and around us, which has a direct or indirect implication on our livelihood and our future.
That’s why it’s called the fourth pillar of Democracy, and when it’s at stake, you just can’t ignore it!

Why do you need funds?

Every organization needs fund to function. Funds from the right source ensures the integrity of the organization is never compromised.

We have our registered office in Bengaluru, India and currently have a workforce of more than 30 professionals on pay-roll.
For the past 4 years, we have been working hard to bring you attention-worthy news and issues which are ignored by the conventional media. We feel overwhelmed to look back at the impact we were able to create with our stories, propelled with the incredible support from our community members. we aspire to do more, serve more.

Good journalism is expensive to produce and your contribution helps us to:

Sustain our operational expenditure, hire the best talents, get the best tools.
Take up more people-issues and run influential public campaigns around it to drive an impact.
Report more under-reported stories by expanding our reach to local communities.

Most importantly, your funds will enable us to function independently and always work in people’s interest.

But then you show ads too?

Most of us won’t mind paying for netflix or hotstar but will think thrice before paying for news, and here’s the problem! Not everyone who loves and appreciates our news would want to make a contribution.Globally, it is seen, hardly 1-4% of a publisher’s reader base commits for payment.

Quality journalism costs a lot of money. While enough people doesn’t show up for support, online ad revenues have been shrinking across the industry. Hence, we have to rely on both the revenue streams to meet our entire operational expenditures.

We have stringent advertising policies and only work with a limited number of brands to promote only meaningful contents. All such paid contents are labeled as “Paid”. Our promise is to keep advertising to minimum, if not zero.

I cannot afford to pay, would I still be able to read your news and stories?

We are not here to sell you stories. Your contribution are towards enabling us to function independently and amplify our impact-driven journalism.

We would never limit access to those who can’t afford to pay as we believe, news and information should always be free and accessible. The right information always empowers the people, enables them to take an informed decision about matter which can impact their livelihood.

Our India tops the chart in the global list of Most Ignorant Nations. Together it’s our responsibility, to make India more informed and less ignorant.

The media reports news.
And then there's news which you should know.


My payment is not going through, what should I do?

We’re sorry for that, please allow us to help you!
Write to us at [email protected] detailing the payment error or queries.

Do I get a refund?

Once you show you support, we stand by our promise of quality. But we do not issue refunds.

Do I get a tax exemption when I contribute to The Logical Indian?

NO. Your support of The Logical Indian’s journalism does not constitute a charitable donation, as such your contribution is not eligible for any tax-exemptions of any kind.

Do I get a receipt for my contribution?

Yes, you receive a payment-invoice on your email inbox.

Do these payments have any validity for months or a year?

No. The payments have nothing to do with any kind of validity.

How frequently can I contribute?

First of all, thanks for your faith on us, we are humbled. You can contribute as many times as you may want to, irrespective of which month or year.

For everything else, please do write at [email protected]