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We Need To Wake Up Before The Alarm Rings & Need To Change Our Behaviour Towards Social Issues

The Logical Indian

February 14th, 2017

After spending an exuberant weekend, you wake up on a  Monday morning to a notification on your news app. It reads of another heinous molestation that has taken place in a metro city of India, or another farmer committing suicide in some drought-ridden village. You feel agitated, disgruntled; gush out blunt statuses of grief and agony on social media.

We Indians are by nature reactive. We react on social media, through our candlelight marches, through our petitions and condemnations. However, our reactions come only after a tragedy has happened — only after a rape has happened or a bridge has collapsed. Wouldn’t India be a much better country if we worked hard to prevent disaster instead of lamenting for and outraging over the casualties after the disaster takes place?

Reacting to an incident and demanding action on it is very important but more important is that we need to start acting to bring about a change before things go out of hand.

While activism begins in the aftermath, by pre-activism an issue can be promptly addressed before the crisis unfolds. The pre-activists don’t wait for the alarm to be triggered. They build resources so that the bad doesn’t happen.

Any crisis could have been avoided if pre-activism was involved. For example, If people in a particular area had addressed the issue of women’s safety in  their locality, then a rape could have been avoided. But no,we wait for the alarm to trigger. Despite of knowing about the large pothole in our area, we don’t act and wait for the accident to happen — an alarm to wake up.

This new video by Tata Tea is a wake up call to all the citizens to don the hat of a pre-activist. They urge everyone of us to wake up before alarm rings – Alarm bajne se pehle #JaagoRe.
Our reactions only won’t suffice. We have to start acting and solve the issues ourself that we are bothered about.

Instead of restricting to social media, let us change our behaviour and act positively to make things better in our country, our cities, our villages, and our colonies before anything bad happens.

Although activism can create awareness and avert the impending tragedies, pre-activism can save even a single life. We have to act before the consequences so that they don’t occur in the first place.

Let us all try our best to wake up before the alarm rings and bring out the pre-activists within us by solving issues before they take an alarming turn. Participate in the discussion and let us know in the comments, how do you pledge to be a pre-activist?


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