With your help today, India can
nurture future sportspersons.

Petition the HRD Ministry to make
sports a compulsory subject in
schools. Sports is education too.

Thank you!

Please also ensure that change begins at home by
pledging to practise/teach gender sensitivity

Jaago Re

We need to be pre-activists and recognize the urgency of giving sports its rightful place in the Indian education system.

Sports is not considered ‘education’ in India. It is relegated as a play-time or extra-curricular activity that children take up when they are free from academics.

A familiar adage says: “Padhoge, likhoge, banoge nawab; kheloge, kudoge, hoge kharab,” (If you study hard, you will live like a king; but if you play sports, you will ruin your life.) This mindset needs to change.

Our education system must recognize the importance of engaging children in sports.

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Let us all try our best to wake up before the alarm rings and bring out the pre-activists within us by solving issues before they take an alarming turn. Participate in the discussion and let us know in the comments, how do you pledge to be a pre-activist?


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