Student Denied Entry Into College For Wearing Feminine Clothes, Gets Support On Social Media

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Student Denied Entry Into College For Wearing 'Feminine Clothes', Gets Support On Social Media

Pulkit Mishra shared his ordeal on social media where he slammed the college authorities for denying him entry into the premises, after which he had to call his friend to fetch him a shirt to change into.

A student named Pulkit Mishra was denied entry into his college by the guards due to his 'feminine outfit.' Sharing his ordeal on social media sparked a debate about an individual's freedom to express themselves in the best way possible.

Mishra shared pictures of his outfit on Instagram, after which they went viral. Soon after, his post was flooded with support from fellow netizens who slammed the college authorities for behaving in a discriminatory manner. Despite the post being deleted after, it raised uncomfortable questions about the Indian society and the stereotypes it forces upon its people and expects them to adhere.

Clothes Have No Gender

According to Free Press Journal, Pulkit Mishra was wearing a light green top with a black shrug and pants when he went to college. At the entrance, he was stopped by one of the guards, who called others surrounded and scrutinised his clothes. Speaking to the publication, Mishra recalls, "They asked me why I was wearing the 'feminine' outfit. Suppose my parents don't have any problem. Even any faculty didn't point at me for my outfit, so who are you to judge?"

Mishra tried his level best to convince them, but to no avail. He even asked if he could cover the top with a shrug, but the guards were adamant about denying him entry. When the student realised that there was no way out, he called up his friend and asked him to get a shirt. Amidst all of this, Mishra missed his first lecture.

Support On Social Media

Over the years, the expression of one's identity has evolved. Gone are the days when outfits are specified to a specific gender and have challenged the stereotypical notions that come with it. In light of this, Pulkit Mishra was showered with support.

His post on social media went viral, and netizens sent him love. A user said, "I am so sorry to hear this. More power to you and love. I hope people stop discriminating," Another user added, "You're so brave, so strong, and I want you to know that you being yourself will change the lives of so many who will come after you."

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