Atypical Advantage Join Hands With goSTOPS To Provide New Opportunities To  Specially-Abled Artists

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Atypical Advantage Join Hands With goSTOPS To Provide New Opportunities To Specially-Abled Artists

Atypical Advantage helps specially-abled performing artists, visual artists, job seekers & entrepreneurs get livelihood opportunities by connecting them with corporates and organisations.

No disability should stand in the way of success. So many specially-abled people are out there, fulfilling their dreams and following their passions. Inclusion in society plays a vital role in supporting them. Atypical Advantage and goSTOPS have come together to provide new opportunities to specially-abled artists and give them a platform to showcase their creative edge. Atypical Advantage is India's largest Inclusive platform to generate economic livelihood for specially-abled artists. goSTOPS is India's one of largest backpackers hostel brands for young travellers and solo adventurers to provide safe accommodation and social spaces. These artists have made wall art at goSTOPS hostels in different cities with a special message that reflects in their art. They have set an example for others by overcoming obstacles and living independently.

Artists like Niyaz Hussain, Aishwarya A, and Ajay Kumar Garg are a few examples who inspire us through their artwork; more than that, their life stories motivate us to keep chasing our dreams.

Niyaz, who hails from Delhi, suffers from a Locomotor condition. Polio struck him when he was just two years old. Growing up in a lower-income family, he was under pressure to provide for his family. Although he completed 12th grade in 2011, he began his desired art course in 2015 and continued working different jobs to support his family. Through his wall art at goSTOPS, he wanted the traveller to get a long-lasting impression of Delhi and to showcase its colourful, vibrant, multicultural environment and monumental structures.

Aishwarya, a Bangalore-based artist, has a Spina Bifida condition. Initially, art was just a hobby for her, but eventually, she turned her passion into a career. In addition to conducting workshops and online classes, she is now a professional animator. Not any ordinary girl, Aishwarya was chosen for an international art exhibition in Delhi when she was thirteen. The Chitrakala Parishath also displayed her works recently. She wanted to portray a carefree girl who travels worldwide the way she dreamed of in her goSTOPS painting.

Ajay, an artist from Jaipur with hearing issues, overcame his physical handicap to become a competent artist. After being prescribed the wrong medication by the doctor at three, he became permanently deaf. However, that didn't stop him from doing art exhibitions and winning the National Handicapped's Best Employee Award in 2004 from the President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. As a member of Rajasthan's Deaf & Mute Association's executive committee, Ajay is actively involved in the welfare of the Deaf community. Travelling is the inspiration for his goSTOPS wall art.

The criterion for selecting the artists for this project was to cosider the hostel's location and the artist's location, the art style, and the artist's convenience in travelling to the venue. With goSTOPS hosting a lot of progressive youths from India and from all over the world, we hope their message will reach far and wide.

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