Post-Mortem Report Of Hathras Rape-Murder Victim Reveals Heart-Wrenching Details

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Post-Mortem Report Of Hathras Rape-Murder Victim Reveals Heart-Wrenching Details

Trigger warning: The contents of this article may be disturbing for some of our readers.

The postmortem report of the Hathras gang-rape and murder victim, who died in Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital about two weeks after the attack, revealed that she suffered a fracture in her neck as a result of repeated strangulation.

The talks about "injury to the cervical spine produced by indirect trauma and its resultant sequelae." The report confirmed that the victim was repeatedly strangulated, and there was a ligature mark over the neck.

"The ligature mark over the neck is consistent with attempted strangulation but did not contribute to death in this case," News18 quoted the report as saying.

Signed by three doctors, the report said that fracture of C6 cervical vertebra was present with extravasations of blood along the fracture line.

Doctors of Safdarjung Hospital conducted the post-mortem in the presence of police personnel.

On Tuesday, September 29, the victim's father and cousin sat on a dharna outside the hospital and were also joined by Bhim Army and Congress workers, before the body was taken to Uttar Pradesh.

A 19-year-old woman from the Scheduled Caste community from western Uttar Pradesh's Hathras, who was allegedly brutally assaulted and gang-raped by four caste men from her village, died nearly two weeks after the attack. She was fighting for her life in the intensive care unit of a government hospital.

The incident took place on September 14 at a village in the district, some 200 KM from Delhi. All four accused have been arrested and sent to jail under the charge of gang-rape and murder.

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