When To Announce Pregnancy

When you’re sure about it:

Just because you have missed a period or its due, doesn’t mean you can call in celebrations for your pregnancy. That can even happen due to hormonal imbalance. Take a home pregnancy test and if you are not completely sure, take a trip to the doctor.

There’s no such thing as “the perfect” time:

You’re the mom-to-be. No website can instruct you when you should be telling about your pregnancy to your friends and relatives. There’s no perfect time or moment to do that. Anyway, people are going to know it once the baby bump starts to show. Better announce it to the people who care about you before that.

Announcing it early:

Early announcement is a good thing to do if that’s what you want. Once you are completely sure of the pregnancy, announce it. Though, if you are afraid of miscarriage, it would be good if you can wait to announce the news till your first trimester is over since it happens within the 10-12 weeks of the pregnancy if the miscarriage is supposed to happen. Even if you have to face problems in pregnancy, at least you won’t be alone.Announcements this early will definitely help you escape questions about your exhaustive state and increasing weight. Also, hiding morning sickness is quite a hard task to do and you probably don’t want to struggle there. Around the second trimester:

During the second trimester:

Some women like to wait until their second trimester to break the big news to family and friends. This includes the women who have had miscarriage in the past and want to be completely sure before facing about the baby. Also, some prenatal tests cannot happen until second trimester.

Later period of pregnancy:

It makes more sense if you’re keeping the news from the people that don’t get to see you in person often. Else, spotting a bump isn’t a tough thing to do. Some women tend to keep this news because of the uninvited advices they receive from every person they tell but for some the reason is their professional life. Not all women get support from their workplace during the time of pregnancy.

Different people at different times:

Some women don’t prefer telling this big news to everyone at once. They tell to different people at different times. Well at the end of the day, it’s your choice when you want to tell people. The good part of this approach is that in case of complications you won’t have to keep explaining some of the people about what happened. But this can also cause the “news leak” to people that was not even on your list. Social media is one news buster that will mess you up in this one.

  • Close family first:

Announcing the news to your parents may be the first thing you want to do because they will be expecting themselves to be the first ones to know. Then you can tell other close family members and friends privately rather than making social media announcements

  • Your employer:

Tell your employer afterwards, though there aren’t any rules for this, but some countries do have laws about contract for pregnancy. A written notice for maternity leave is a necessity. Also, you might want to tell it to your employer in advance, so that arrangements can be made for you to operate comfortably at workplace.

  • Your colleagues:

Once, your employer knows about it, of course word will spread between the colleagues. But when you will experience morning sickness and fatigue in your workplace at least they won’t make up their own thoughts if you tell them before; rather they’ll offer you support and comfort

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