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Only 0.45% Of India's COVID Patients On Ventilator: Government Data

Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan urged the states to focus on effective clinical management of the cases to reduce the fatalities in the first 24-72 hours.

Of the total number of coronavirus cases in India, only 0.45 per cent of them are currently on ventilator support. Besides, the majority of the active coronavirus cases in the country are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, revealed the government data.

Besides, of the total cases nearly 4.09 per cent are on oxygen support, 2.73 per cent are undergoing treatment in intensive care units (ICU), and over six per cent cases are on a severe level, reported The Hindustan Times.

Ahead of the festive season, the Centre has directed states to adhere to the said guidelines and take stringent measures for those who are seen violating the norms.

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Wednesday asked the state to focus on conducting increasing testing, especially in districts with higher COVID-19 positive cases and places of a large gathering including markets and workplaces.

Interacting with Chief Ministers, principal secretaries over a video conference, Vardhan urged them to focus on effective clinical management of the cases to reduce the fatalities in the first 24-72 hours.

Testing of symptomatic cases have been made mandatory, and contact tracing of contacts of positive cases should be increased.

Speaking on the state-specific areas of concern that would require focused attention, Vardhan noted that although the number of active cases in Maharashtra has seen a low, it continues to have a high fatality rate of 2.6 per cent, that increases to 3.5 per cent in and around Mumbai. In Uttarakhand, the case fatality rate is higher than the national average at 1.64 per cent.

Manipur is witnessing a surge in COVID cases, which is an indication of hidden transmission, Vardhan said. In Goa, nearly 40 per cent of the total deaths were recorded in just the last month. Mizoram also saw a rise in cases. Tripura and Meghalaya have been witnessing higher deaths among the age group of 45-60 years, the Union Minister highlighted.

Vardhan also appreciated the relentless services of the frontline workers, who handled the situation on the ground without a hitch and showing signs of fatigue.

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