In A First, Health ATMs Installed At Lucknow Railway Station For Commuter To Perform Basic Checkup

Under the Fit India Movement which was spearheaded by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the “Health ATMs” was installed at the Lucknow Railway Station on Monday, November 4. The kiosks were promoted by the YOLO Health ATM, as a collaboration with the Indian Railways. Lucknow is the first city in Uttar Pradesh to get these services.

The kiosks can perform checkups on 16 parameters, reported The Economic Times, some of which include; Body Mass Index (BMI), Bone Mass, Hydration in the body, Pulse Rate, Muscle Mass, etc. Commuters can avail two types of checkups at the ATMs; a 9- minute one which would cost Rs. 100 and a 6-minute one which would cost Rs 50. A railway employee will have to pay just Rs. 10 to benefit from the services provided.

Passengers will have to feed their details such as name, age, phone number etc. into the machine following which their finger will be scanned and a report will be generated. A railway employee will also be available near the kiosk to assist the passengers in case they face any difficulty.

State head of YOLO Health ATM Amresh Thakur talked about the plan to install such services in Bareilly and Moradabad apart from Lucknow. “The North Eastern Railways has also decided to extend the primary health checkup facility to other stations namely, Gorakhpur, Gonda, Prayagraj, and Basti,” he told ANI. According to him, around 50 – 60 commuters use the facility. “Those who have a high fever or have any other health problem can easily go through the procedure in a short time and decide whether to continue their journey further,” he said.

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