First Trimester To-Dos

Pregnancy can be quite overwhelming and hectic at the same time. During this time, people will be famishing you with all do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind at the sake of your health, and your baby is as well, especially if it is the first trimester. Here is a list of 10 things you should be doing in your first trimester.

Make sure you are pregnant:

If your period is due than that can be one indication that you are pregnant. Home pregnancy tests are mostly accurate, but consulting a doctor on such an important matter is better compared to all. Once it is confirmed that you are the new mom-to-be, you can continue your preparations then.

Find a doctor and a healthcare provider:

An ob-gyn is a must in your pregnancy. A good doctor will ensure that you and your baby always get the best care. It is a factor that will best assure your goodness. A healthcare provider or a caretaker can also be a good option for your pregnancy period to make sure you do not stress yourself and take good care of the baby.

Prenatal Checkup and Vitamins:

The prenatal checkup involves tests that will confirm your pregnancy. This includes your doctor checking on you and the baby that’s growing in you. Regular checkups can ensure the sound growth of your baby. Similarly, you should take your prenatal vitamins as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. The folic acid is the most difficult to develop in during the first trimester. This acid reduces the risk of neural tube birth defects in the baby. Your first prenatal checkup should happen around week 8.

Research about health insurance:

Investigate what the protection covers costs of your pregnancy, delivery and baby’s care. Talk to your health insurance company about this.

Quit smoking and alcohol:

Smoking and alcohol consumption are the causes of miscarriages, deformities in babies and premature labour. You should quit smoking and alcohol as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. It can also cause stillbirth and increase the possibility of infant death. You should cut on all these types of habits as soon as possible since alcohol can also affect your to-be-born child’s hearing, speech and other abilities as well.

Cut caffeine from your diet and stay hydrated:

High doses of caffeine regularly might be the last thing you want to do for the sake of your baby. This habit has been associated high risks of miscarriage and other pregnancy-related problems.

Make water your best friend. Since it is necessary to put fluids in your body during pregnancy, there’s no better option than water. Staying hydrated will assure that you are on healthy terms.

Consume baby-proof food:

The food that a baby gets depends solely on the menu the mother intakes. Make sure you are not eating food that is hazardous for your baby. Raw and undercooked food items like unpasteurized cheese, milk and meat should not be part of your diet. You should cut sea food including mackerel, shark and swordfish from your diet as well since these have high mercury concentration.

Get good amount of sleep:

This one continues throughout the pregnancy. Just like good food, right amount of sleep is a necessity as well. This directly affects the child, and less sleep may lead to increase in mood swings in you as well since your body is changing throughout your pregnancy.

Make a budget for the baby:

As much as you are happy about the baby coming into your family, the expenses required for the baby cannot be denied. Make sure you make a baby budget and plan how the costs are going to be managed. The food, diapers, clothes- when the baby arrives the list is bound to expand. Keep in mind the needs of your baby and cut the unwanted expenses. Start saving as soon as possible.

Consider prenatal testing:

During the first trimester, your doctor will offer you a variety of screening tests to reduce the risk of Down syndrome in your baby. Prenatal tests are meant to make sure that your baby develops healthily. One of the first tests is pap smear, which is to check if there are any abnormal cells present. Ultrasound is also part the first prenatal visits.

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