COVID-19 Claiming Four Lives Every Hour In Delhi: Report
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COVID-19 Claiming Four Lives Every Hour In Delhi: Report

On Sunday, 95 people succumbed to the infection, the third-highest single-day death toll till date.

Since the past one week, the novel coronavirus has been claiming around four lives every hour in Delhi.

Around 95 people succumbed to the infection on Sunday, the third-highest single-day toll till date. Almost 1,103 fatalities have been reported in Delhi in the last 15 days that comes to 73.5 deaths every day on an average (three deaths in an hour).

Around 90 deaths have been witnessed in this week every day, and on Thursday 104 deaths were recorded which was the highest single-day death toll followed by 96 deaths on Saturday being the second highest, reported Times of India.

On Sunday, the total of COVID-19 deaths in Delhi stood at around 7,614 with an overall case fatality rate of 1.5 per cent.

Delhi reported its first COVID death on March 2, in that month two people died due to the virus. After that, every day, almost two fatalities were reported.

The month of May witnessed around 414 deaths which account for 13.3 deaths every day on an average. But in June when the first wave of COVID-19 was reported, around 2,269 fatalities were recorded that amounts to 75.6 deaths daily on an average.

As a dip was seen in the COVID-19 graph the death toll also reduced with an average of about 39.3 a day in July and went down further to 15.5 death per day in August.

The number of deaths again rose in September when around 917 deaths were reported or 30.5 deaths every day on an average.

An increase was reported in October when the figures rose to around 37 deaths daily on average.

"We are trying our best to save every life, and the best treatment possible is being provided, including plasma therapy. However, in many cases, patients are arriving at hospitals at a stage when their condition has already deteriorated to severe," said a senior doctor of a Delhi government hospital.

On Sunday, 3,235 new cases were recorded in Delhi when only 21,098 tests were carried out in 24 hours compared to nearly 60,000 tests being carried out daily.

The positivity rate increased to 15.3 per cent on Sunday compared with 14.7per cent on Saturday.

The month of November has seen a potential rise in the positivity rate as compared to the other four months. The positivity rate this month is reported to be at 12.4 per cent.

The overall positivity rate in June was 21.1 per cent, and on some days it went up to 30 per cent.

Positivity rate dipped in July to 9.6 per cent, and it started to decrease in the following months even when the tests were being carried out in larger numbers.

The positivity rate in August was around 7.1 per cent, 7 per cent in September and 6.6 per cent in October.

The total number of positive cases recorded in Delhi till date is more than 4.8 lakh, more than 4.3 lakh have recovered, and the recovery rate is around 90.1 per cent.

On Sunday the active cases came down to 39,990 from 44,456 on Saturday but the containment zones increased from 4,288 to 4,358.

Around 27,089 patients out of the total active cases are recovering from the virus under home isolation and 8,741 are still admitted in a hospital.

As per the Delhi Corona, mobile application while 47.5per cent COVID beds are still vacant in hospitals the availability of ICU beds reserved for COVID-19 patients is going down with only 164 or 12.2per cent of the total 1,341 ICU beds with ventilators is available.

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