TLI Opinion: Its High Time To Change Our Mindset About Breast Cancer
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TLI Opinion: It's High Time To Change Our Mindset About Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer
Incidents of breast cancers are phenomenally rising across the world, and according to World Health Organisation (WHO), India will have to face the wrath of a breast cancer epidemic by the year 2020.

Today, urban India’s 25 to 31 per cent women are susceptible to breast cancer, particularly in metropolitans like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, etc. Shockingly, mortality rates from breast cancer in India are almost double than those in the US.

Taboos And Ignorance

The primary reasons breast cancer rate is high in India because of the taboos, guilt and ignorance prevalent in the society with it. Women fear and are reluctant to discuss the issue openly with doctors and relatively despite having many doubts about sex, marriage and childbirth. There is also a matter of discomfort relating to the treatment and diagnosis of cancer. A thoroughly conducted research suggests, women perceive mammography exams as uncomfortable, unnerving, and intimidating. Besides, breast cancer bears a stigma in the developing nations of South Asia.

There are misconceptions that breast cancers happen to women with large breasts, those wearing tight-fitting or synthetic bras, using strong soap, who smoke, drink, have more children, breastfeed for very long or who do not take contraceptive pills.

It is because of these conservatism breast cancer does not get detected earlier and as a result, low survival rates in seen less developed countries. An early detection can save thousands of life.

Fighting Breast Cancer

Like menstruation, breast cancer is still a neglected topic is typical households. But awareness should be rightly implanted so that it can be cured. Both men and women have to participate in this awareness procedure equally. Tests should be conducted at regular intervals so that any abnormal signs don’t get unnoticed. Breast cancer often results to mastectomy, where the patient loses an organ, along with several other collateral effects like hair loss. Such instances might be big moral set down for a woman, who might feel that she is losing her self-esteem. But everyone has to understand that they are valiant survivors of a disease that is taking the shape of a global killer. Everyone should come forward to encourage a patient so that she can quickly recover from the trauma.

It is only awareness and breaking free of taboos that can lead to a healthy society. Often people believe that this disease is contagious, which is not at all the case.

Today, many organisations are working relentlessly to create awareness and break the myths of breast cancer. Survivors, doctors, celebrities are coming up to share their perspectives on this disease. We have to embrace such initiatives and get a core understanding that it might happen to anyone who is closely associated with us. Tests, screenings and check-ups need to be done, and we have to make sure that it doesn’t affect our close ones.

The Logical Indian urges everyone to take the issue seriously and be concerned about this growing disease. Let us all walk towards a better society and fight against breast cancer. And that can be achieved if we become more aware and can broaden our mindset.

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