Indulge In A Delightful Poetry By Gulzaar Saab To Celebrate India's #NewspaperMornings

Gulzar's warm and comforting words reflect the tender emotions of Indians for the gleaming #NewspaperMornings.

India   |   3 Sep 2020 8:27 AM GMT / Updated : 2020-09-07T09:18:17+05:30
Writer : Apurwa Shrivastava | Editor : Ankur Kumar Jha | Creatives : Abhishek M
Indulge In A Delightful Poetry By Gulzaar Saab To Celebrate Indias #NewspaperMornings

Bina akhbaar ke chai subah ki adhuri lagti hai…. In his yet another masterpiece by Gulzar Saab, he pens down the most heartfelt words to describe the emotion of Indians with their "subah ki akhbaar". What even is an Indian morning without a cup of chai and a rustling sprawl of a fresh newspaper. So many unsaid emotions are condensed into words in just a few moments when Gulzar Saab says, "....akhbaar kholna jaise parinda koi kholta hai pankh apne phadphada kar..". It makes one truly see the various ways in which newspapers are indeed our soaring wings that carry us to many parts of the world through words and through stories.

He continues in his meditative voice , ".. na khasta si khabar koi dabo k chai me pee le.." Gulzar is a maestro whose warm and comforting words reflect the most tender emotions that Indians experience in the gleaming #NewspaperMornings. The news that comes to us on every pristine sunrise deserves to be from the sources that have the unflinching trust of people. Print newspapers have undeniably built a dependable identity for itself over the years. It is testified in the poetry of Gulzaar , "Bina akhbaar yaaro na din chadhta hai poora na poori aankh khulti hai" It is almost as if he pens down these words from the ink of our own feelings. Every word in his narration bolts with meaning that finds solace at some quiet place in our hearts.

While it is inevitable to find respite in the crisp, tempered words of Gulzaar, it also gets one into introspecting how the importance of newspapers has been accentuated even more in the new and changing framework of the world. This film by The Times of India celebrates the association of this country with its newspapers in the truly simplest and the most magical words of Gulzaar Saab.

Let's just say newspapers are one of the most impactful ways to start a day! Gulzaar saab, in a way, conveys it in his most quintessential style of writing. It is difficult to not marvel at the simplicity of words, "..Meri khud ki khabar dega mujhe, khabar milti rahe hindustan ki.." India is a country of ever-evolving developments. Besides bringing us news and views every morning, it gives us the power to shape our opinions without any bias.

In a world where morphed news and misinformation can breed through unreliable avenues, long-form editorial pieces on print are processed through a number of fact checks before making it to our balconies. Gulzar Saab concludes his poem with a thought that refuses to leave us, "Bina akhbaar..tabiyat thodi kuch udaas rehti hai, bina akhbaar din bhar pyas rehti hai". This piece of poetry by Gulzaar Saab is nothing less than a breath of fresh air in this interlude of time. As a matter of fact, some relationships can indeed not change. It's time to gift ourselves the bliss of #NewspaperMornings for an informed, empowered and an ignited India.

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Apurwa Shrivastava

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