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Good To Know : How To Get Information Of Toll Plazas In India?

Pavan Manikanta Kumar

September 3rd, 2016


Daily lakhs of vehicles pass through the Toll plazas which are operated by private entities. The majority of us do not know what goes beyond, apart from paying the toll fee and we conveniently ignore, “is the amount/toll fee being collected is correct?” , “is the contractor not exceeding the period of toll collection ?” , “are they issuing the correct challan for the toll fee?” etc,

National Highway Development Project Map- Toll Details.

NHAI has introduced National Highways Toll Information System (NHTIS) which has all the information about any toll plaza in the country. NHAI is responsible for the development,maintenance and management of National Highways,which  are built under Build Operate and Transfer(BOT) or  Public Private Partnership(PPP) or Engineering, Procurement and Contract (EPC).

The National Highways Toll Information System (NHTIS) has all the information about any toll plaza in the country. The portal has information on all the toll plazas are mapped and coloured based on the mode in which they are built.Toll Plazas are run by private people according to the rules and regulation set up by the government. One can also download an android application of the NHTIS.


How To Find Details Of any Toll Plaza In India?

1The details of any particular toll plaza can be found here state wise or you can find the details of toll plazas between two places and total toll fee to be paid here .

2Type of details you will get under each toll plaza.

  • Toll fee to be paid between two places, for example,  Vijayawada to Chennai.
  • The number of toll plazas between two places.
  • Toll fee you need to pay at different toll plaza according to your vehicle type.
  • Traffic status at each toll plaza.
  • Gazette Notification authorizing collection of toll 
  • Latest Rate Revision order
  • Details of the Stretch
  • Tollable Length of the Highway
  • Toll Rates & effective dates of the toll rates
  • Concessions (if any)
  • Facilities available near the toll plaza
  • Monthly Inspection Reports>/li>

    3Other Important Information like Helpline Number,Nearest Police Station, Contact details of the Project Director, Representative of the Private Party and details of the nearest hospital etc, can be found here for the toll plaza “Kaza”.

    Toll Details Of Kaza


  • PART 2

    Toll Plaza Details Through SMS.

    Toll Rates can also be accessed through mobile phones by sending SMS to 56070 in the following format

    • TIS < State Code>  < NH No. >
    • State Code should be Two Character Code of respective State as per Vehicle Registration No. of respective State viz. DL for Delhi, HR for Haryana, TS for Telangana, MH for Maharashtra, GJ for Gujarat and so on
    • The system will return a SMS with list of toll plaza(s) and their respective Toll Plaza ID
    • To get applicable toll rates on a particular toll plaza TIS < Toll Plaza ID >  The system will return a SMS with Toll Rates of the respective Toll Plaza.
    PART 3

    How To Report Discrepancies In Toll Plazas?

    If you find any discrepancy in the toll fee collected or have any other complaint about the operation of the toll plaza, there are multiple ways you can take this to the notice of the NHAI.

    • Leave feedback on the portal.
    • Make a complaint on the NHAI toll-free number 1800-1160-62
    • Lodge a grievance on the PG Portal under Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
    • Make a complaint to the respective Project Director whose details can be found on the NHTIS portal

    The NHAI also rewards the informer up to Rs 25,000 for information about corruption in NHAI or its projects.

    99% times , we ignore the issues which happen to us and we adjust accordingly. This is the reason why we do not see any fear in the people who commit corruption. The government has provided us with many avenues to register the grievances. Let us register the grievances and do our part in making India a better place to live.

    Disclaimer : *This information is subject to periodic government policy / process change. Kindly contact the concerned department to cross check for recent updates, if any.


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