Admission In Medical Colleges, Internships: West Bengal Government Creates Road Map For Ukraine-Returned Students

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Admission In Medical Colleges, Internships: West Bengal Government Creates Road Map For Ukraine-Returned Students

The state's CM, Mamata Banerjee, announced several provisions in the press meet on Thursday, catering to the students who had to leave war-torn Ukraine during their conflict.

On Thursday, the West Bengal government announced provisions for students who left Ukraine in the past few months. Several medical aspirants fled the war-torn country as the conflict with Russia ravaged and took a toll on the population. In light of this, the state government has developed guidelines for the students as their futures are currently at stake.

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee talked about what's on offer for the students hailing from the state. From admissions in colleges to ensuring employment opportunities to final year students, the state wants to ensure that they are taken care of and not lag in their education, which could set them behind in the coming years.

Necessary Arrangements In Order

During a press meet, Mamata Banerjee laid down the necessary arrangements made for the students. The first-year students will be admitted to private medical institutes to complete their education. Second and third-year students, on the other hand, will attend 'practical classes' in a select few government colleges. The fourth and fifth-year students will undergo an 'observing seat' at various medical colleges. Also, the students in the penultimate year will be permitted to take up at the colleges.

The CM told The Times of India, "There are 78 first-year students out of 422 returnees, and they would all get admission at private medical colleges. Sixty-nine of them are NEET-qualified. For them, the private colleges have been asked to provide admission at a concessional rate against the management quota seats. Only a few would be left after that, and they will be taken care of as well."

Further, several arrangements have been made for engineering, dental and veterinary science students. Six engineering students are offered admission into private colleges. Out of the three Dental aspirants, one is permitted to do an internship at Kolkata's Govt Dental College, and the other two will do observership. A veterinary student is also offered admission into the WB University of Animal and Fishery Sciences.

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