West Bengal Sets Up COVID Warrior Club With Recovered Patients To Contain Pandemic

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West Bengal Sets Up 'COVID Warrior Club' With Recovered Patients To Contain Pandemic

The state government will pay the members of the club an honorarium, and bear expenses of their food and accommodation.

In a bid to contain the coronavirus pandemic in West Bengal, the state government has set up a unique 'COVID warrior club', comprising of people who have recovered from the disease and are willing to aid the administration and health workers in containing the pandemic.

Currently, 60 people who recovered from COVID-19 have been enrolled as members of the club, which is set up at Behrampore in Murshidabad district, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Monday, June 30.

"The unique initiative, perhaps, the first in the country, is on display at Berhampore in Murshidabad district, where out of the 170 recovered Covid-19 patients, 60 have agreed to join the club. Ten each will serve in dedicated COVID-19 hospitals in Murshidabad and Malda districts and the rest 40 in various healthcare facilities in Kolkata," Banerjee said.

Similar clubs will be formed in all the 22 districts across the state. The state government will also pay the members an honorarium, and bear expenses of their food and accommodation.

"We held counselling sessions for those who had defeated COVID-19, and are now leading a normal life. Some of them have come forward to serve others suffering from the disease. They can work as helpers at different hospitals, serve food, or talk to other COVID-19 patients...They should not feel scared," the CM added.

Till date, over 11,000 coronavirus patients have recovered from the infection in the state. The CM has requested all those who defeated the disease to come forward and serve others.

"They have fought against Covid-19 and have seen the viral disease from close quarters. We will need their help to treat other patients, who are undergoing treatment. They can give mental support to the patients and do other work in Covid-19 hospitals," the CM added.

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