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Uttarakhand Govt To Reward People Helping Road Accident Victims With Upto Rs 1 Lakh

The onlookers avoid helping the accident victims with fear of interrogation and hassles of the court-room, according to police. Hence, this move would motivate people to step up and help save lives.

The Trivendra Singh Rawat-led Uttarkhand government on Monday, December 14, gave in-principle approval to the proposal which would provide a monetary reward to the good samaritans rushing to help road accident victims.

According to the state's transport department, over 866 people lost lives while 1459 were injured in fatal road accidents in 2019. The police officials said that the onlookers would avoid helping the accident victims as they fear interrogation and hassles of the court-room. Hence, this move would motivate people to step up and help save lives.

The Indian Express reported that the Director-General of Police (DGP) would have the power to give the rewards up to Rs 1 lakh in such cases from the road safety fund.

Additionally, the government would also launch a "public eye app" where any person will be able to inform the police about the crimes against women and report incidents involving drugs with photos and videos as evidence.

The measures were discussed in a meeting held by officials from the Home department and the police, where they chalked out plans that nine different committees of the officials presented to make the policing SMART (S-sensitive & strict, M-modern with mobility, A-alert & accountable, R-reliable & responsive, T-trained & techno-savvy).

Hinting at the steps to improve mobility to combat crime, DGP Ashok Kumar said that at least 100 new Scorpio vehicles will be taken for city and highway patrol. He further added that the combat uniform of Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) personnel will be made smarter and given a design similar to the uniform of Border Security Forces and other paramilitary forces but the uniform will remain in khaki. Also, women will be given opportunities in fire service.

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