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Once A Maoist, This Telangana MLA Is Trekking Hills, Streams To Deliver Food To Poor In Her Constituency

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Telangana MLA Danasari Anasuya, started the ‘GoHungerGo’ challenge, to help out the poor in Mulugu constituency.

In the wake of the coronavirus lockdown, Telangana MLA Danasari Anasuya, popularly known as Seethakka, has been trekking through hills, streams, and forests in her constituency, Mulugu, to provide ration to the poor.

The two-time MLA was once a Maoist commander and was undercover for 11 years before surrendering in 1997. She joined Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in 2004 and was elected as an MLA in 2009. In 2018, she quit the TDP and joined the Congress and won the election again.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, she started the 'GoHungerGo' challenge on social media, to help out the poor in Mulugu.

Many villages in her constituency, dominated by tribal population, have been cut off from the help of the social workers.

To reach the villages, the MLA and her team travelled on tractors, bullock cart, motorcycles or even trekking on foot.

As of May 14, the MLA and her team have distributed 70,000 kg of rice, 11,0000 kg of vegetables, 1000 litres of oil, 1000 kg of dal, and 500 kg of salt to 25,000 families across 475 villages, reported The Indian Express.

"We start at around 7 am every day and cover 20 villages a day. We carry the ration to villages in jeeps. It is a very difficult task as we are working 24X7. She (Seethakka) leads us from the front," Sujith Reddy, MLA's aide, was quoted in the media.

Reddy added that most of the people are not aware of the virus outbreak and that the MLA is often welcomed with cheers and garlands.

"They know there is an airborne disease. For those who do not follow the Telugu language, she has chart papers with drawings to explain the ongoing COVID pandemic and social distancing norms," he said.

"They are worried and tensed. They wait for me and feel happy when I visit them. That is my driving force," Anasuya said.

"Many of them have not received the government assistance of 12 kg rice and Rs 1500 cash. I understand that the situation prevails not only in my constituency but all along the Godavari belt from Khammam to Adilabad. I would try to help them too. My GoHungerGo challenge will continue till the lockdown is lifted and normalcy returns," she added.

The MLA was also one of the first legislators in the State Assembly to speak about the pandemic and the shortage of masks in the state. She has also been supporting migrant workers on the road and providing them with cooked food.

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