Save Food, Share Food: Know About Keralas Initiative To Locate Excess Food & Hygienically Distribute It Among Underprivileged

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'Save Food, Share Food': Know About Kerala's Initiative To Locate Excess Food & Hygienically Distribute It Among Underprivileged

NGOs often conduct food distribution programmes, but no system guarantees the food's quality. The new initiative offers a mechanism for locating regions where food waste is likely to occur and then safely delivering it to those in need.

A billion people across the world are deprived of food on a daily basis. Yet, a third of our food goes to waste due to unregulated consumption practices and a lack of resources to distribute the food among the needy. Food is bound to go to waste in social gatherings such as weddings, birthday celebrations, buffets, and others. However, the same can be safely and hygienically collected to distribute among the underprivileged.

With this objective in mind, the Kerala food safety department launched the "Save Food, Share Food" programme, which provides food for the needy. It will collaborate with social workers, volunteers and NGOs to conduct the programme and create awareness about it.

Mechanism To Ensure Quality Of Food

According to Health Minister Veena George, a portion of the food prepared for various events for the persons or organisations registered with the department will be provided through the Indian Food Sharing Alliance (IFSA) programme, as reported by The New Indian Express.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India and food-sharing networks all throughout India have joined forces to launch the IFSA - Save Food, Share Food (IFSA) programme, which aims to feed the needy and hungry with leftover or extra food through organised systems. This helps them in reducing the wastage of food while solving hunger problems.

NGOs frequently offer food distribution programmes, but there is no system in place to guarantee the food's quality. The new initiative offers a mechanism for locating regions where wastage of food is likely to take place, and then distributing said food to those in need.

"The food safety department will ensure that the food distributed through the network is safe for consumption. Necessary direction and training will be given to the people associated with the programme," said the minister.

Link Between Donors, Beneficiaries & Volunteers

The division will link and coordinate volunteer, beneficiary, and donor needs. People who want to donate food can sign up as 'Donors', those who need food can sign up as 'Beneficiaries', and those who want to help out with distribution or other tasks can simply sign up as 'Volunteers'. Under the programme, guests may receive a share of the food served as part of the hospitality at hotels, wedding venues, and other banquets.

Voluntary groups, social organisations, and individuals can also participate by providing the appropriate vehicle or service to transport such food to the poor. Participation in the initiative is also open to organisations that distribute food packs. Three organisations in Thiruvananthapuram registered with the department, along with two each from Thrissur and Ernakulam and one from each of Kottayam, Palakkad, Kozhikode, Malappuram, and Kannur.

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