Rajasthan Leads The Way By Producing Highest Amount Of Renewable Energy In India

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Rajasthan Leads The Way By Producing Highest Amount Of Renewable Energy In India

The state has topped the list as it produced 17040.62 MW in the month of March. With this, it improved its position as it was previously in the fourth position.

On the path to a sustainable future, Rajasthan has become the leading state in India to produce the highest amount of renewable energy. With a whopping 17040.62 MW, it jumped up three spots in the overall production of the same, including solar energy, wind energy and bio-power. Rajasthan has already achieved a similar feat by becoming the country's leading producer of solar energy. This is the first time it has topped the list with its overall renewable energy production amount.

The data was released recently by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy that consisted of the necessary information collated until March 22. Rajasthan was in the fourth position in the same list in February and bumped up the production last month.

State Policies Played Instrumental Role

Recent years have been kind to Rajasthan regarding sustainable energy. Hindustan Times quotes the Additional Chief Secretary Subodh Agrawal, who gave the details of the power generated until March 2022. According to him, the state generated 12564.87 MW of solar energy, out of which 11493.75 MW capacity was ground-mounted, 748.44 MW of rooftop capacity and 322.68 MW was off-grid solar power. The wind power and bio-energy capacity consisted of 4326.82 MW and 125.08 MW, respectively. The hydro energy was small in number at 23.85 MW.

The Ashok Gehlot government has been instrumental in introducing policies promoting renewable energy on a large scale. The Solar Energy Policy, for instance, helped in bringing in investors in the sector to help boost its production for lucrative incentives. Despite the COVID-19 hurdle, Rajasthan continued to produce a good amount of solar energy.

Along with this, the Saubhagya scheme has encouraged households in the state to use solar energy. According to The Economic Times, over 1,23,682 homes were electrified by the standalone solar-energy system.

Apart from Rajasthan, states like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra passed with flying colours. Gujarat came in second with 16587.90 MW capacity, Tamil Nadu was third with 16099 MW, Karnataka fourth with 15904.59 MW, and Maharashtra stood fifth with 10657.08 MW.

In terms of the Saubhagya scheme, Rajasthan leads there as well, followed by Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Maharashtra, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh. However, the initiative is not provided in states like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Kashmir, and Sikkim.

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