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Punjab Starts Free Ration Distribution In Ludhiana, To Benefit 14 Lakh Migrant Workers In State

The Atmanirbhar scheme was launched in Ludhiana by Mamta Aashu, Congress councillor and wife of Punjab Food and Civil Supplies Minister Bharat Bhushan Aashu.

The Punjab government implemented the Atmanirbhar scheme in Ludhiana district on Saturday, May 30, through which free ration will be distributed to 14 lakh migrants and other Punjab residents who are not covered under the smart card scheme of the state government.

On Saturday afternoon, ration distribution started in Guru Nanak Bhawan, when 7 Shramik Special trains had been sent in which 11,200 peopled had boarded for various states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, lakhs of migrant workers have been returning to their hometowns across the country. So far in Punjab, 18 lakh people have registered for moving out of the state. Till now, 5.45 lakh people have moved out of the state, of which, 4.91 lakh people went via 382 Shramik Special trains, reported The Indian Express.

Till Saturday night, 203 trains, carrying over 3 lakh migrants, were sent from Ludhiana. Following this, the Atmanirbhar scheme was launched by Mamta Aashu, Congress councillor and wife of Punjab Food and Civil Supplies Minister Bharat Bhushan Aashu.

"Of 14 lakh beneficiaries, 5.86 lakh are from Ludhiana alone as our district has the maximum population of migrants. This ration is being distributed to help those migrants who don't have any ration card here and are in need of food. Though a number of them have already gone, I hope that the rest will stay back and work here only now," Mamta was quoted by the media.

Two months of ration constituting 10 kg wheat flour, 2 kg dal and 2 kg sugar per person were given to migrants called at the function.

The Punjab government has tracked all those who had registered on the portal to go out of the states and those who are still here. They are being contacted so as to provide them with ration.

After Ludhiana, 1.1 lakh migrants will be covered under this scheme from Jalandhar and 1.06 lakh in Mohali. Meanwhile, 12,434 from Nawanshahr and 15,329 beneficiaries in Faridkot will also be covered.

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