Punjab Government To Offer Free Police Drop For Women Between 9PM-6AM

Punjab Chief Minister(CM) Amarinder Singh on Tuesday, December 3, announced that Punjab Police will offer free drop to women between 9 pm and 6 am to help them safely reach home.

The move comes after the Ludhiana Police launched a similar initiative, amid growing concerns of women safety.

The facility is especially for women who do not have access to a safe vehicle, including taxi or three-wheeler. The state-wide facility will be available via 100, 112 and 181, through which the women callers will be immediately connected to the Police Control Room.

In order to ensure the safety of the woman, the CM has directed at least one lady officer to accompany the woman to the drop location.

“Women in Punjab can avail free police help to reach their homes safely anytime between 9 PM-6 AM. This facility will be available via-100, 112 & 181 through which you will be connected to Police Control Room. For an added sense of security, a lady officer will also accompany you,” Singh tweeted on Tuesday.

The CM has asked the Director-General of Police(DGP) Dinkar Gupta to ensure the implementation of the facility across the state.

“DSP or ACP (Crime against Women) will be the Nodal Officer to implement the scheme in each district. Their numbers would be available on the Punjab Government and Punjab Police websites,” Gupta was quoted by The Pioneer.

The DGP also said that the police were working on more schemes to provide security to women.

The Punjab government has also launched the Shakti app through which women can get police help at just the click of a button. The SOS feature of the app would send a notification about the location of the woman and the SOS message to her top 10 contacts.

Earlier on Sunday, December 1, the Ludhiana police had launched the free-ride scheme in the wake of the gruesome gang-rape and murder of a Hyderabad veterinary doctor.

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