Puducherry: Health Minister Cleans Toilet In COVID-19 Ward Of Government Hospital

During an inspection visit to the Indira Gandhi Government Medical College in Puducherry on Saturday, the Health Minister, Malladi Krishna Rao, cleaned a toilet in a coronavirus ward.

After a patient in Puducherry raised a complaint about the unclean toilet to the Health Minister, Malladi Krishna Rao, the minister himself asked for disinfectants and immediately cleaned the toilet in a coronavirus ward.

The minister was inspecting the hospital facilities when the patient raised the issue. The video was shared on social media and people appreciated the action which was taken by the minister. The hospital staff requested him to not do it as it will be done by them on Monday.

However, he was not convinced and replied that if it was required, he would come back on Monday to do the cleaning.

Puducherry has not yet recorded a dip in the number of coronavirus cases per day. According to the latest updates the Union Territory reported 571 fresh COVID-19 cases and 10 deaths. So far, Puducherry has recorded 14,127 coronavirus cases, 4,938 active cases and 221 deaths. Till date, 73,165 samples have been tested.

The case fatality rate in the state stands at 1.56 per cent and the recovery rate is 63.48 per cent.

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