Narendra Modi Tops List Of Popular World Leaders; Surpasses Biden, Trudeau, & Others: Survey

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Narendra Modi Tops List Of Popular World Leaders; Surpasses Biden, Trudeau, & Others: Survey

With a 75% rating, PM Narendra Modi has topped the Morning Consult survey as Most Popular World Leader. He is shortly followed by other prominent favourites such as Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Mario Draghi. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has topped the list of the world's most popular leaders yet once again with an approval rating of 75 per cent, conveyed the Morning Consult survey, which is a global decision intelligence company that sets the platform to provide real-time polling data on elections and elected officials across the world.

Earlier in January 2022 and in November 2021, Narendra Modi had topped the list of the popular world leaders, and he continues to sustain his position among them, according to the chosen representative sample population of India.

PM Modi Leading The Way

At least 75 per cent of Indians who were surveyed by the Morning Consult approved of PM Modi and his governance. The survey which was conducted between August 17 and August 23 revealed that many Indians attribute the PM to have steered the government in the right direction.

His approval ratings particularly peaked by the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, where despite the criticism, many consider that the Modi-led government was able to respond robustly and alter the curve. This particular trend was observable as Modi's approval rating had dipped from 83 per cent in April 2020 to 65 per cent by the onset of the second wave. However it picked pace rather quickly and he was able to rebuild people's confidence in his leadership capabilities, which then saw a rise in approval ratings to 72 per cent.

LiveMint reported that Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador followed up closely after with 63 per cent people favouring the president's rule. The Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi came in the third position with 54 per cent ratings.

People's Say On World Leadership

The list featured 22 world leaders and tracked the approval ratings of the elected leaders and the country trajectories in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Germany, India, Mexico, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. This particular survey is based on a week-long average data collected from virtual interviews of nationally representative literate adults of a given country. The sample population size could vary from roughly 45,000 in the USA to 5,000 in several other countries.

As per the report by News18, the approval ratings acted as an indicator to how the public perceived their leaders during and after the elections. This was visible in regard to South Korean leader Yoon Seok-youl, who had won the elections on populist votes but failed to gain the people's approval post elections, and scored the least approval rating of 21 per cent.

Same was the case for US President Joe Biden, who's approval ratings were drastically impacted by his stance on the war raged on Ukraine. As a result, Biden secured the fifth spot with a 41 per cent rating, followed by Canadian President Justin Trudeau and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at 39 and 38 per cent respectively.

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