Maharashtra Launches My Family, My Responsibility Campaign To Tackle COVID-19

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Maharashtra Launches 'My Family, My Responsibility' Campaign To Tackle COVID-19

The campaign will be conducted in two phases during which the authorities will survey 22.5 million families twice a month.

Amid the spike in a number of coronavirus cases, Maharashtra government has launched 'My family-My Responsibility campaign' from September 15. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray announced the launch of this campaign and shared that it will help to bring the rising cases under control.

As a part of this campaign, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will reach out to every family in Mumbai. It will involve a massive effort to reach out to every home in the state to assess the health condition of its residents and provide medical help and guidance if needed.

The campaign will be conducted in two phases. The authorities will survey 22.5 million families twice a month. Public representatives and NGO volunteers will be roped in for the campaign and volunteers will go door to door to check the citizens for fever, low oxygen levels and other COVID-19 symptoms.

"A team comprising a health worker and two others will survey and inspect every person and also suggest available services for the coronavirus disease," reported Hindustan Times.

As per the guidelines, the state will make one doctor available to five teams and a swab test will be recommended to those with Covid-19 symptoms.

According to additional rules laid down by the BMC, housing societies need to ensure that temperature checking, oxygen testing and hand-washing facilities are available for helpers, drivers, waste collectors and cleaners. They will also have to display emergency contact numbers of municipal health centres and hospitals within their society premises.

Apart from this, BMC has also laid down guidelines for shop owners. They have been asked to ensure arrangements to check body temperature, keep sanitiser and allow a limited number of customers at a time. Also, they have been directed to ensure minimum staff and adopt online methods of transaction.

Similarly, for employees in private offices, they are to be called to work on alternate days and must work from home as much as possible. Offices have been asked to adopt digital methods to avoid human contact.

The campaign also reiterates that people should avoid travelling in crowded vehicles, should not touch doors and handles of vehicles and use private vehicles for commuting as much as possible. With less physical contact, the chances of transmission get reduced.

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