In A First, Mumbai Govt Hospital Gets Dedicated OPD For Transgender Community

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In A First, Mumbai Govt Hospital Gets Dedicated OPD For Transgender Community

Majority of the state-run facilities have categorised people by two options - male and female. With a dedicated facility for the third gender, the govt hospital in Mumbai calls for the need to make healthcare inclusive and ensures the system equally values welfare of the transgender community.

While the country has come a long way in identifying the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community, several public realms remain poorly equipped to address these rights accordingly. One such space is healthcare - a basic necessity that many in the community continue to be deprived of due to the stigma and ignorance attached to them.

In a move to bring a change within this system, the Maharashtra government-affiliated Gokuldas Tejpal (GT) hospital will now have a dedicated and separate outpatient department (OPD) for transgender community patients. With this, the GT Hospital becomes the first hospital in Mumbai to start a dedicated and separate OPD system for the transgender community patients.

Right To Health Services

Maharashtra Medical Education Minister Girish Mahajan inaugurated the transgender ward at GT hospital on February 3. The separate ward has been equipped with 30 beds, two ventilators, monitors, and a semi ICUs room.

Furthermore, the employees have undergone specific training sessions to understand the problems faced by the community better and deal with them accordingly. While speaking during the inauguration, Mahajan noted that "Transgender people as a community have suffered a lot of discrimination and inequality in society even as the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act gives equal rights to the community."

With a ward specifically catering to their health needs, GT Hospital takes the first step toward addressing the LGBTQ community's needs and welfare. Through the special ward, transgender people can now avail proper treatment for their physical and mental health. The minister further noted that based on the response and feedback received, they would also be starting similar such wards in other hospitals.

Counselling To Rehabilitation - All Made Accessible

A report by New Indian Express quoted the Dean of Sir JJ hospital, Dr Pallavi Sapale, saying that transgender people are very much a part of our community and deserve to receive healthcare facilities like everyone else. Having closely witnessed the trauma faced by the transgender community, she stated, "They have the right to get proper treatment. Due to the absence of special wards, they suffer a lot and are confused about where to go for treatment."

At most state government-run facilities, people are provided with only two options on papers - male and female. With the separate wards, the third category will receive its due identity and it would help maintain separate health-related records of the community. Sapale believes that with a dedicated ward for the transgender community, they can be treated well and better.

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