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Over 700 Ukraine-Returned Medicos To Get Informal Education In 60 Karnataka Colleges

The Karnataka government announced that it would facilitate the continuation of medical education of more than 700 students in 60 medical colleges in the state at no extra cost.

The Karnataka government, led by Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, has decided to facilitate the education of over 700 medical students who returned from war-torn Ukraine. The government would accommodate the students in 60 medical colleges in the state. After Health and Medical Education Minister K. Sudhakar met the students at Vidhan Souda on Monday, the government announced the decision. The Minister further clarified that the students would not be charged any extra cost for their education; however, they would not be officially absorbed into the Indian colleges.

No Additional Fees For Medical Students

The government has taken the step only to ensure that the students' learning and practice continue until the government comes up with a solution. He said, "No additional fee would be charged to the students", The Hindu reported. Moreover, the Minister also added that a high-level committee had been formed that comprises the Principal Secretary and the Director of Medical Education, RGUHS Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, Directors and the Deans of Medical colleges. The committee would look at all the aspects considering the students' academic future and submit a detailed report to the state government.

Registration Of Doctors In India

The Minister further said that the Prime Minister is also holding parallel meetings in this regard. The government would soon submit their opinion on the issue as expressed by experts in the committee. When the media asked if the government was planning to hold separate exams for the students to be qualified for practice in India, the Minister said, "We are not registering these students here as doctors, but only facilitating the continuation of their studies otherwise may go waste. The registration and other aspects will come up in the future, and we will discuss it then".

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