Maharashtra Govt Issues Guidelines To Sensitively Handle Crimes Against Women And Children

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Maharashtra Govt Issues Guidelines To Sensitively Handle Crimes Against Women And Children

The pointers were issued by the Bombay High Court that consists of guidelines to ensure better implementation of the POCSO act to learning the legislations in the various police training centres in the state.

In what is considered a step in the right direction, Maharashtra has come up with a set of guidelines to be followed by the state police force to 'sensitively' handle crimes against women and children. The development comes in after a case in Palghar where a minor girl was sexually assaulted and became pregnant.

The state's home department recently came out with the essential points addressed to the commanders of various police jurisdictions in Maharashtra. The state government's Women and Child Development wing are notified of the same.

As reported by The Indian Express, a minor girl was kidnapped and raped in the Palghar district. The medical examinations stated that she was 23-weeks pregnant. The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO)says that the victim should be presented in front of the Women and Child Welfare Committee within 24 hours.

However, the investigation officer delayed this step, which resulted in her coming to the committee 45 days later. Due to this mistake, her pregnancy could not be terminated.

Guidelines For Sensitisation

In light of this, the Bombay High Court laid down the necessary points to follow. One of them includes recording the victim's statement in their mother tongue and ensuring that the victim's identity is not revealed 'under any circumstances.'

"Every police station should designate an officer to perform the duties of Child Welfare Officer. The concerned police officials should, at the appropriate juncture, make the victims or their family members aware of the state government's Manodhairya scheme," said one of the guidelines. The Maharashtra government launched the Manodhairya scheme to rehabilitate rape and acid attack victims and help them overcome the psychological trauma they faced.

Implementation In Police Academies

The nitty-gritty details of the POCSO act are necessary to implement in such sensitive cases. Therefore, the guidelines ask the state police academy and other police training centres to teach the act's essential provisions.

"Regular workshops and sensitivity training sessions should be conducted to train them and refresh their training in these legislations. To conduct such sessions, they should seek help from Women and Children Welfare Committees, NGOs, etc.," the guidelines added.

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