Education On Wheels! Kerala To Upcycle Old Buses Into Classrooms To Attract Young Kids

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Education On Wheels! Kerala To Upcycle Old Buses Into Classrooms To Attract Young Kids

Kerala transport minister Raju said following summer vacation when schools re-open in June, they will need more classrooms and the used buses can be used for the purpose. He said it will prop up young children’s interest in schools.

The Kerala Transport Department has decided to re-modify old low-floor buses into classrooms for children who will return to school in June after the summer vacations. The state transport minister Antony Raju said that the buses would be upcycled on an experimental base, which is being done because the students would need more classrooms when they return. Moreover, a unique classroom is likely to spike their interest in returning to school. K Sivankutty, the education minister for the state, term the move a 'novel initiative'.

One Low-Floor Bus Can Make Two Classrooms

While speaking about the initiative of re-modifying old buses, Raju said, "We are doing it on an experimental basis. Two buses will be given to an upper primary school in Thiruvananthapuram. Malappuram district has also sought two buses. It will be a new experience for children", Hindustan Times reported.

The education minister then added that the transport department would ensure a proper seating arrangement. Moreover, he also added that at least two classrooms could be easily adjusted on a low-floor bus.

KSRTC Incurred Losses In The Past

Almost 400 state transport buses have been lying idle at different depots. Recently, some of those buses were re-modified into resting rooms for bus drivers and crew, while some have been given on rent for cafes in Kudumbhashree, a successful women-led self-help group. The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) had been suffering losses for a few years, and the state had to pump in money to maintain the ailing buses.

KSRTC employees have been getting their salaries in a staggered manner for the last few months, and they had also organized a strike for the same a few weeks ago. Among 58 loss-making PSUs in the state, KSRTC tops the list. In 2021, its accumulated loss was ₹510 crore.

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