Karnataka Govt Set To Launch Digital Wallet For Storing Land Records

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Karnataka Govt Set To Launch Digital Wallet For Storing Land Records

The project is taken up by the Centre for Smart Governance and aims to make transactions easier for landowners.

Karnataka Government will introduce a digital wallet system with a smartcard and key for storing property records. The Karnataka Government initiative is named Kaveri blockchain, and it aims to digitise and validate all land records in the state. The project is taken up by the Centre for Smart Governance (CSG), a Karnataka Government subsidiary that looks after the IT requirements of the government. Each property owner is given a smartcard that stores the land records in their name and a key to secure it. The project makes it easier for property holders to make transactions.

As reported by the Times of India, as many as 67 types of land transactions, including the sale, purchase, lease, mortgage, gift deeds etc., will be recorded and verified using the smartcard. They also reported that CSG has already undertaken a pilot in the Tumakuru district with property owners registering their land records and carrying out transactions using just the smartcard.

How It Works

Government issues smart cards to those who wish to register a property or already own one and those who have their names registered by the revenue department against the property they own. The smartcard has a chip in it. The card is authenticated at the sub-registrar's office with an e-KYC procedure. The registered person's Aadhar number is verified, and biometrics information is recorded. Once the verification is done, the records get locked into a blockchain and made available to the owner using the password. However, the smartcard system is accessible to the owner only through a kiosk installed at the sub-registrar office, reports The Times Bureau.

Blockchain-Based Property Registration

Technology has eased human lives to a great extent. Maintaining land records is a difficult task, and it has become necessary in the fast-moving world to have innovative techniques to make the process easier. A blockchain-based land records management system is devised to record land-based information to make the process smooth and hassle-free. The idea was designed, implemented and started by the IIT Kanpur National Blockchain Project.

The blockchain system provides a single source of truth and a complete picture of the land in one place. It makes checking land transaction history easier and can avoid land disputes to a great extent.

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