Karnataka: No Chips, Pizzas, Burgers In, Around Schools Anymore, Govt To Ban Sale Of Junk Food
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Karnataka: No Chips, Pizzas, Burgers In, Around Schools Anymore, Govt To Ban Sale Of Junk Food

Junk food like burger, noodles, fries, carbonated water may not be available in or around the school in Karnataka.

The Karnataka state government on November 14 issued directions to the principal secretary of the Primary and Secondary Education Department to abide by the draft notification that was served by the centre to ban the sale of junk food in and around schools.

The Primary and secondary education minister S Suresh Kumar in a letter to department’s principal secretary asked to follow the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s draft notification (October 30) to bar the sale of chips, pizzas, samosas, and packaged juice packets near and around schools, reported The Times Of India.

The minister further said that the ban on such junk food must be implemented immediately. The education department will now have to implement 10-point draft regulations raked by the centre to provide safe and healthy food in and around premises.

The notification issued by the government said that the school authority selling or serving meals on the school campus has to be registered as ‘Food Business Operator’ from the body concerned under provisions of the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006.

The regulations mention that food business operators are barred from advertising or offering free sales of junk foods within 50 metres of the campus.

The Karnataka Associated Management of Private Schools (KAMS) hailed the move but notified it would be challenging to implement.

The move will adversely impact the shops in the close vicinity of the school. Officials at the FSSAI believe that implementation of the ban will also curb drug use. “There were many incidents where drugs were supplied from shops near schools,” a senior FFSAI official was quoted by The New Indian Express.

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