IPS Officer Disguises Herself & Files Fake Robbery Complaint To Check Response Time Of Police

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IPS Officer Disguises Herself & Files Fake Robbery Complaint To Check Response Time Of Police

A twitter video posted by the Auraiya police showed an IPS officer make a fake distress call to the emergency number 112 in the middle of a deserted road. The drill was conducted to test the efficiency of the police team.

People turn to police helplines during distressing situations and rely on them to protect the life and property of their citizens. Keeping this in mind, multiple such provisions and helplines were released on central, state, and district levels. The SOS helplines, in particular, promise help to the distressed within five minutes of reaching out to the officials.

However, their functionality is something that people have often posed questions upon. Taking it upon themselves to test the reliability of the police forces, the Auraiya Police set up a mock drill and called up the emergency number to complain about a fake robbery and record the response.

Mock Drill And Quick Responses

The Superintendent of Police (SP) of Auraiya, Charu Nigam, disguised herself and dialled emergency number 112 to report a fake complaint of armed robbery. She posed as the victim of a robbery that had apparently occurred on a deserted stretch of road.

In the video posted on Twitter by the Auraiya police, the officer can be seen talking to an officer in the control room and saying, "Hello, this is Sarita Chauhan. I was robbed by two armed men." Soon after the call ended, a response team of policemen arrived at the scene and began investigating her complaint. They noted down her response, unaware of her real identity, and made inquiries with passersby. All along, the SP kept her identity concealed from her subordinates through a disguise using a dupatta, mask, and sunglasses.

According to a report by the Tribune, the police team investigated vehicles and people for about an hour until the SP revealed herself and appreciated their efforts. The tweet conveyed that the drill was an effort by the SP to understand the "response time" of the local police and that they had found it to be "satisfactory".

Netizens React To Mock Drill

The video posted by the Auraiya police on November 3 received over two lakh views and thousands of likes for the initiative. Netizens were seen commenting on the need for such surprise drills to ensure that the police forces are functioning the way they claim to.

An assistant teacher, Upasana Singh, commented that the SP had done a commendable job and such drills are necessary with repeated robbery incidents being reported on the roads. She also conveyed her personal experience with such incidents and said that many co-workers of hers have faced similar problems. Many other users also lauded the SP and team's efforts towards the betterment of the police system.

However, the video was not devoid of criticisms, with many netizens alleging that the entire video was a staged act. Furthermore, it also invited complaints from people who have faced such incidents. A user by the name of Rajiv Goyal pointed out that while emergency number 112 has improved its services, its vigilance continues to be low in many vulnerable regions.

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