Gujarat Tops NITI Aayogs State Index For Clean Energy And Climate

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Gujarat Tops NITI Aayog's State Index For Clean Energy And Climate

The State Energy and Climate Index introduced by the NITI Aayog tracks the states' progress towards harnessing clean energy and their efforts in attempting to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Recently, Gujarat topped the NITI Aayog Index regarding Energy and Climate. The 'State Energy and Climate Index' (SECI) looks into the states' efforts toward producing clean energy initiatives and tackling climate change. It consists of various parameters that are aligned to India's goals towards achieving sustainable goals in the energy and climate sectors.

According to the index, Gujarat scored 50.1 and topped the list, and this was closely followed by Kerala and Punjab, ranking second. While the index focussed on the larger states, the list also features small states where Goa topped with Tripura and Manipur coming right after it.

What Is SECI?

NITI Aayog's SECI analyses the states' progress in the energy and climate sector. This is the first time that such a list has been introduced to track the necessary steps being taken to ensure a smooth transition into sustainable ways in the energy ambit and tackle the global menace like climate change. According to NDTV, the index covers six parameters, namely affordability, accessibility, efficiency, DISCOM's performance and climate friendliness of energy in all its forms. DISCOMs are known as the power distribution companies across the country.

In this sphere, the DISCOMs are considered an important part of the energy, and therefore, their involvement in the index parameter is crucial. Along with this, the aspect of financial viability encourages states to compete with each other and motivates them to work harder on the sustainability goals endeavour. Each parameter is given specific percentages such as 15%, 6% and 12%.

Gujarat On Top, Chhattisgarh At The Bottom

The states are ranked as per larger states, smaller states and Union Territories. States like Gujarat, Kerala, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Maharashtra are called the 'front-runners'. Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh come under the 'achievers' category and the rest are called the 'aspirants.'

While Gujarat, Kerala and Punjab passed with flying colours, Chhattisgarh has found itself at the bottom with a score of 31.7. Many other states are showing signs of improvement and have a long way to go when it comes to introducing clean energy initiatives and other procedures that facilitate the country's fight against climate change.

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