Delhi Govt To Conducted Survey To Assess Psychological & Emotional Impact Of Pandemic On Students​

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Delhi Govt To Conducted Survey To Assess Psychological & Emotional Impact Of Pandemic On Students​

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the Delhi govt has decided to conduct a large scale survey to assess the impact of Covid-19 on children as well as their parents.

The Delhi government has once again taken a good initiative. It has decided to conduct an extensive scale survey to understand better how the covid-19 affected school-going children's psychological and emotional behaviour. Manish Sisodia, Delhi Deputy CM and Education Minister, gave the information. The survey will be conducted for the fourth time in the past two years.

Apart from assessing school children's psychological and emotional behaviour, the study will also emphasise evaluating the changes in parents, their parenting style, and the psychological and emotional state of parents because children have spent their maximum time at home with parents during the pandemic, reports Mint.

What Did Manish Sisodia Said?

"This is for the first time that such a survey is being conducted. Along with children, the study will also focus on analysing the changes in parenting style, psychological and emotional state of parents, as children have spent most of their time during lockdown with them in the past two years. Along with students and parents, teachers have also seen many changes in their routines and teaching styles. This survey will analyse this aspect too," said Manish Sisodia.

He also spoke about the 'Happiness Curriculum' and appreciated that these classes played a vital role in supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of students. The results of this study and help from experts will enable the government to modify the Happiness Curriculum. New chapters, stories, and activities could be added to help students remain stress-free in challenging situations like pandemics.

What Is The Happiness Curriculum?

To provide young minds with happiness and confidence, the Delhi government had launched the 'Happy Curriculum' initiative. It was introduced in over 1,000 government schools in Delhi for classes nursery to 8. The students had a happiness period for 45 minutes.

The curriculum was based on human-centric education involving meditation, value education and mental exercises and aimed to instill self-awareness, good mental health, character and resilience. It would improve cognitive skills and reduce students' anxiety, depression, and intolerance.

UNICEF Report Highlighted The Impact Of Covid-19 On Children And Young Adults

The UNICEF surveyed 21 nations and the report said that only 41% of young people between 15-24 years in India agreed that it is good to seek support for mental health problems as compared to an average of 83% for 21 nations. The report also mentioned that 14% between 15-24-year-olds feel depressed or have little interest in doing things. The report also noted that the impact on children and young people's mental health continues to weigh heavily. The pandemic has left children with limited access to seek support from social services. The disruption in routines, education, etc., has left young people feeling afraid, angry, and concerned for their future.

Mental health at any cost should not be neglected. This kind of survey will also help people understand the importance of mental health and take care of their mental well-being.

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