Delhi Government To Bear 50% Expenses For Training Women As Commercial Drivers

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Delhi Government To Bear 50% Expenses For Training Women As Commercial Drivers

More women to steer the wheels of cabs in Delhi under a new scheme which also ensures guaranteed employment opportunities after completion of training.

In a positive move to promote more opportunities for women in the public transport sector, the Delhi Government has announced that they would cover 50 per cent of the costs of training women as commercial drivers.

The scheme is an extension of a series of initiatives adopted to increase the women's workforce in the transport sector and make public transport safer for women.

Training And Employment Guarantee

In the statement released on Monday, July 18, the Government has called in for more women cab drivers and has assured that half of their training expenses, about ₹4,800, would be borne by the transport department.

According to a report by The Print, the Government has invited cab aggregators and other fleet owners to cover the other half of the costs. Further, the proposed move aims to financially support their training sessions and guarantee a source of income for them later on.

An advertisement will soon be issued for the aggregators and motor owners to convey their Expression of Interest (EOI) in the training program. These companies would then enable the training program and provide employment to the women drivers after successful completion of the program. The training centres would be spread across Burari, Loni, Kale Khan, and Sarai.

Earlier Initiatives

The Delhi government had initiated schemes to include more women behind the wheel earlier this year. In February, the eligibility criteria for women bus drivers were relaxed, and new norms were set in place to drive more women participation in the transport sector.

In April, it was extended to women drivers in the Heavy Motor Sector. Under "Mission Parivartan", several women trained at the Society for Driving Training Institute (SDTI) and secured their Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV) Licenses.

Delhi's Transport & Environment Minister, Kailash Gahlot, tweeted praises for the new addition and said, "Autos, buses & now cabs- the more women steering the world the safer they feel in public transport. The @ArvindKejriwal govt calls on taxi fleet owners & aggregators to share women driver's training cost with us at our Driver Training Institutes & provide further employment."

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