Appreciable Initiative! Neki Ki Deewar To Be Set Up In 300 Delhi Govt Schools

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Appreciable Initiative! 'Neki Ki Deewar' To Be Set Up In 300 Delhi Govt Schools

Under the initiative, Kindness Wall will be set up in Delhi government schools where people desirous of donating can hang items on the hooks at the wall. It will be promoted as an anonymous giving and receiving initiative.

In a new initiative, 'Neki ki Deewar' is being set up on one of the outer boundary walls of 300 Delhi government schools. The schools with walls facing the roadside have been selected under a pilot project to encourage 'Good Samaritan' behaviour by setting up 'Kindness Walls'.

These walls will have a red background with the painting of hands pointing upwards on them. The walls will have an adequate number of hooks so that people desirous of donating food, clothes, shoes, etc., can hang them up. Those in need can take an item from these walls at any time. The walls will be at a place easily accessible to the public willing to participate in the giving and receiving activity, ensuring that no disturbance is caused to school functioning.

The schools have been instructed that it should be promoted as an anonymous giving and receiving initiative where the receiver's dignity is upheld all the time. For the construction of these walls, the SMC fund of a school may be used with the maximum expenditure of Rs 10000.

Building Community

The Indian Express reported that, according to an official in an education department, the position of public schools in community life as well as in relief work during the COVID-19 pandemic made them ideal for 'Neki ki Deewar'. The Indian Express spoke to the official who said, "It is basically t encourage good samaritans to donate anything that they have in excess to those who might need it. We chose school walls as a school is usually the most prominent building in the neighbourhood and is accessible to everyone. Schools have also served many functions – as food distribution centres, vaccination centres, shelter homes – which is also why we think they are the ideal place".

Amid the rising COVID-19 infection and freezing cold, the initiative is appreciable and might prove helpful to many people in Delhi.

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