Andhra Pradesh CM Launches Scheme Providing Rs 15,000 Annually To Women With School Going Children
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Andhra Pradesh CM Launches Scheme Providing Rs 15,000 Annually To Women With School Going Children

Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Mohan Reddy on Thursday, January 10, launched a flagship scheme ‘Amma Vodi.’

In accordance with the scheme, the state government will provide a sum of ₹15,000 annually to the below poverty line (BPL) women with school-going children.

Financial assistance will be provided to the students until the completion of their education in school. It will also be provided to orphans and homeless children studying through voluntary organizations.

The said amount of money will be credited to the bank accounts of the eligible families every year in January.

At the launch, the Chief Minister of the state addressed the media and a huge gathering at PVKS Degree College grounds, Chittor.

“Amma Vodi program will extend financial assistance to nearly 43 lakh mothers and will benefit about 82 lakh students below the poverty line by incentivizing their education year after year,” he said.

The state government shall expend an amount of ₹6,455.80 crores in the flagship program this year. The other departments under the government will also be cutting a part of their budget to finance the scheme.

However, to be eligible for the scheme, the children will be required to have 75% attendance in school and the concerned families must be white ration cardholder.

Government employees, taxpayers, and students who drop out of school will not be beneficiary to the scheme.

‘Amma Vodi,’ which translates to ‘mother’s lap’ in Telugu, intends to increase the literacy rate of Andhra Pradesh and will be implemented from January 26, 2020.

At the launch, CM Reddy further said that education is the biggest asset any parent can give to their children, which is why article 21A was inserted in the Indian constitution – to provide free and compulsory education to all children in the age group of 6-14 years.

“The state government will incentivize the people below the poverty line to send their children to school, which is their fundamental right,” the CM added.

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