Swachh Bengaluru Is Life Goal Of Activist Vidya Rudresh

'Swachh Bengaluru' Is Life Goal Of Activist Vidya Rudresh

Vidya Rudresh, a housewife, turned politician/activist has a very inspiring story for all of us to know. Her journey of establishing herself as a politician and a social worker, from taking up responsibility for the well-being of women and children to focusing on clean-up drives speaks volumes about her determination.

Speaking to The Logical Indian, she said, “I was away from all the social service, and I was least interested in them. It was only after the demise of my husband in 2016, who was a BJP member and a social activist, I had to take this up. I did not enjoy doing it in the starting, but as I continued to serve people, I got mesmerised by it, and now it is a very integral part of my life.”

She has enrolled herself into B.CLIP a civic leadership training program by B.PAC and got engaged with Public Issue Forum in Bengaluru that covers 198 wards. She has personally taken up the responsibility of 6-7 wards, where she has committed herself to serve women and children and educate the locals about the importance of cleanliness.

“One of the biggest achievements until now is clearing a blackspot right behind a school in Jayamahal. The blackspot was entirely isolated, filthy and attracted drug addicts and dealers. I have also cleaned up one Anganwadi in the same area to fight illegal encroachment and give the land to whom it belongs to,” she said.

The cleanliness drive was taken up by her primarily focuses on addressing drainage issues, waste management, and closing the potholes.

Some of the problems rectified in the localities involve drainage problems in Ejipura, garbage problems in Ramaswamypalya, garbage and footpath problems in Dispensary Road and potholes problem in Halasuru.

She also runs a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) called Rudresh Parigraha which gives shelter to poor women and children. The home occasionally conducts competitions and events for the women and children to encourage their talents and inculcate the feeling of community in them.

Apart from being a support system for the people of her area, Vidya is a full-time mother and loves to look after her kids. She is an entrepreneur and runs her construction company, Suryodaya Construction.

She said that she has a very long way to go, but as of now, she has committed herself to clean-up drives and child and women’s safety.

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