The Power Of Social Media: The Lives Of Over 1,000 Animals Were Saved Because You Chose To Speak Up

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September 28th, 2017 / 12:23 PM

SPCA Noida

Image Credit: Animal Hospital and Shelter Noida

All of us are well-acquainted with the poor state of animals on the streets of India. No matter where we reside, even the poshest areas of town have streets dogs, cats and cows. The animal lover in us wants to come to the aid of these helpless beings, while only some of us succeed in this endeavour.

The Noida Animal Hospital and Shelter (formerly SPCA Noida) is a not for profit organisation which looks after those animals who have been abandoned by their owners or are in need of treatment. Currently, the shelter has around 700 dogs and 300 cows, bulls, horses and donkeys.

In July, SPCA Noida was taken over by the Noida Sector 94 authorities and since then there has been gross mismanagement.

On Monday, September 25, the NGO staff went on a strike due to non-payment of salaries, leading to over 1,000 animals left unfed and untreated.  

The Logical Indian was tagged by the animal shelter, asking for help. On September 25, we published an article, highlighting the apathy of the authorities. Vibha, the shelter in-charge, told us, “Since 9 August, we have not received any medicine. Very recently, a doctor had been appointed who assured us that we shall get the required medication, but we are not very hopeful.” The money that has been provided by the authorities is meagre and is not sufficient to run the shelter which has been doing the good work for the last 10 years.

Soon after the article went online, we received numerous positive responses from our community members.

Many people on Twitter also tried to help. One of the users retweeted the article, tagging Pankaj Singh, a BJP MLA from Noida. The Noida Police saw the post, retweeted the same and tagged Noida Authority, asking them to take necessary action.

After such response from people across social media, Noida Authority responded. SPCA Noida, on its Facebook page, described how people united to save the animals from dying.

“There were generous amounts of food-packets, dog-food and ration supplies coming in from all the beautiful donors who were no less than angels in the face of this crisis. These smiles of relief & happiness are testimony to how many lives were touched by your kindness,” wrote SPCA.

Not just this but on the second half of yesterday, September 27, the employee’s salaries also began crediting to their accounts. “While we were staring at uncertainty about the salaries of the workers and food supplies for the animals and staff, bank SMS’es heralded the good news that salaries had started coming in their accounts towards the second half of the day,” wrote SPCA, adding that the CEO of Noida Authority, Alok Tandon, himself came to the animal shelter to see the work being done.

The NGO listed the relief measures assured by the authorities:

  1. Vidhi (the shelter in-charge) was assured direct access to Mr Tandon on any issues in the future.
  2. Funds/salaries will be released on time, along with adequate supply of food and medicines – at least 15 days of food and medicines will be stocked since storage is not an issue.
  3. Mr Tandon should be duly informed about all the requirements pertaining to maintenance of the shelter, ambulances, food, meds and salaries.
  4. The three redundant ambulances will be revived for rescue work – at least two of the three if possible.
  5. Large animals will be provided fresh fodder (green chaara) as per daily requirement.
  6. Any machinery required to facilitate administration and paper-work – Xerox machine, etc will be duly provided
  7. Repair and shelter maintenance issues will be addressed as soon as the shelter starts operating normally.

Today was a landmark day for the Noida Animal Shelter (formerly known as SPCA Noida). All our donors and volunteers…

Posted by Animal Hospital and Shelter, Noida on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Power of Social Media

We are the internet generation. Most of us spend at least an hour every day on social media – accessing Facebook, Twitter, reading news and following diverse stories. Each minute that we spend has immense power to stimulate change.

Because numerous people took to social media, sent emails to Noida Authority and tagged Noida police, the home of 1,000 animals was saved.

The Logical Indian also commends the authorities and the police for taking such prompt action. This sets an example for everyone to not underestimate individual power; every voice counts. If you ever come across issues that need an overhaul, write to us here. Your empathy can help someone.

If any reader who was featured in the article is uncomfortable with their name and profile photograph being displayed in public, they can contact us; we will blur their names and profile photograph.


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